Chris Lockwood ’13

The Making of a Service Star

By Kristen Manieri

Chris Lockwood

When Chris Lockwood ’13 began his position as Tau Kappa Epsilon’s community service and philanthropy chair two years ago, he didn’t really think a lot about how the role might influence his life. At the start of his junior year, Lockwood was more concerned about his GPA than his contribution to society. But as he fulfilled his duties with TKE, finding service opportunities for his brothers and holding them accountable for their service requirement of 10 hours per semester, a light flicked on in his heart.

“All of a sudden, my eyes opened up to how protected I had been and how much I hadn’t known or seen growing up,” recalled Lockwood, who with fellow TKEs has spent a lot of time volunteering with the Coalition for the Homeless. “Growing up in suburbia, I’d never really experienced homelessness, and it was kind of a shock. It put a new view on what homelessness was and how people got there.”

Lockwood was hooked, and each year since taking on the TKE service leadership role, he has exceeded his 10-hour requirement by countless hours. Often he could be found at a downtown homeless shelter, helping where he could and speaking with the homeless. He experienced one of many a-ha moments when he spoke with a boy a year younger than him who had been in and out of motels and shelters for years with his mother and siblings. “I’ll never forget how determined he was to make a better life for himself,” said Lockwood, who attended a private high school in Albany, New York and admitted he had never realized how easy his life had been.

He said TKE taught him about the rewards of service. Somewhere in the process of inspiring his brothers to serve, he became inspired too.

These days you’ll find him working in the Office of Community Engagement or Office of Multicultural Affairs, or serving as co-chair for the hungry and homeless for JUMP, a student organization focused on getting students involved in community service.

A recipient of the Rollins Service Scholarship for his commitment to service, Lockwood is considering working abroad in a developing country—perhaps Africa—after graduating. Wherever he goes, his service experiences have forever altered his outlook on life. “It has occurred to me that service and donations can only go so far. It doesn’t really solve the problem; it’s a temporary solution.”

Service is not only giving Lockwood an avenue to support his community, it’s altering his attitude about his purpose in this world.

And that’s how a global citizen is made.

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