Photo by Judy Watson Tracy
(l-r) Isabel MacLeod Burggraaff ’63, Ed Maxcy ’66, Jan Farnsworth ’65, and Tom ’64 and Jinny Petrin Doolittle ’64 (Photo by Judy Watson Tracy)

Reunited and It Feels so Good

Reunion 2011 renews special Rollins bonds

Photos by Judy Watson Tracy

A perfect match of sports and nostalgia

Tennis greats representing decades of Rollins’ triumphant tennis legacy made their way onto campus over Reunion to dust off their rackets and hobnob with old teammates. Hitting the courts Friday morning, they gathered for an “old time’s sake” tournament, where players like Peter Allport ’87, tennis reunion committee member, relished in the opportunity to play with friends he hadn’t seen in 25 years. “The nostalgia from getting back on the court for some lighthearted competition was second only to the reminiscing about all the great times. In the end, the consensus seemed to be that we all graduated from the ‘the University of The Older We Get, The Better We Were.’”

Later that evening, behind the Alumni House, war stories abounded—many from Norm Copeland ’50, former men’s tennis coach and associate professor emeritus of physical education, and Ginny Mack, associate professor emerita of physical education and women’s tennis coach emerita.

The following day, Rollins tennis legends Carmen Lampe Boland ’55, Anzela Zguna ’02, and Lynn Welch ’78 were inducted into the Rollins College Sports Hall of Fame. “It was such an honor for me,” said Welch, who hadn’t been on the Rollins campus since graduation. “I felt like I was 18 years old again...wide-eyed and excited.”

Ferdinand Starbuck

Dedicated to the memory of Ferdinand L. “Ferd” Starbuck, Jr. ’67 ’70MBA
May 22, 1945 – August 26, 2011

For his leadership of the tennis reunion committee and passion for Rollins tennis

“Ferd worked tirelessly to ensure that the 2011 Tennis Reunion was a success. Tragically, he is not here to see this tribute to his labor. Knowing that I would be unable to attend the reunion, he insisted that I be kept in the loop…so much so that I felt as though I had actually attended! I will miss Ferd’s emails, but sadly, I am already missing Ferd.”
—Friend and fellow tennis alumnus Blair Neller ’74

“Being there with Ferd and helping him with the program was a real highlight for me. He was one of the greatest male tennis players that ever went to Rollins.”
—Former men’s tennis coach Norm Copeland ’50

Photos by Judy Watson Tracy

Sisters enjoy festive family reunion

“I can spot a Chi O anywhere. They twinkle and sparkle. They have joy and bounce,” declared Laura Thompson Evangelista ’87, Chi Omega reunion committee co-chair. She didn’t have to look too far during Reunion as more than 150 sisters descended onto campus for a Friday evening Chi O Alumnae Beach Party and a host of other unofficial gatherings throughout the weekend. Buzz starting brewing about the bash months before as friends connected on Facebook, posting messages and old photos. By the time the reunion began, giddy anticipation hit a fever pitch as the sorority sisters reinvigorated their age-old connection at the beach-themed fête behind the Alfond Pool. “The weekend cemented the fact that sisterhood is not just for your years on campus,” Evangelista said. “College is just too special to end in four years.”

“It was amazing how many people came back,” committee co-chair Laura McClelland ’02 recalled. “Everyone connected ahead of time and indicated their plans to attend, so we all knew our friends would be there.” Under a starlit night with the sounds of calypso music floating through the air, Chi Os from as far back as 1961 celebrated their years at Rollins. “It was like watching branches from a tree,” Evangelista said, “seeing the younger girls talk to the older girls, now friends on Facebook. It didn’t matter what year you were from; we were all connected. The weekend made the chapter so much stronger.”

Photos by Judy Watson Tracy

Kicking off a new era of alumni spirit

Running on the heels of the best season in soccer history, soccer alumni returned en masse to Reunion 2011 to keep the team spirit alive, partaking in events both on and off the field. “We wanted to create something you go to once and want to come back for year after year,” said soccer reunion committee co-chair Daniell Robertson ’06 ’10MBA. “We were able to show alumni how important it is to keep these relationships alive and to give back to the program.”

The highlight of the weekend was a Saturday afternoon game at Cahall-Sandspur Field, where Rollins alumni faced off against bygone players from longstanding rival University of Central Florida. Former men’s soccer coach Gordie Howell ’64MAT, associate professor emeritus of physical education and soccer reunion committee member, coached the first half of the match. “It was a friendly rivalry with great intensity,” shared Howell, who was pleased with the reignited camaraderie but disappointed with Rollins’ 2-0 loss.

“It was a special moment to have Gordie back there and have so many fellow teammates playing again,” said Mike Fogle ’77. “We got several of the guys who couldn’t make it on our cell phones so they could speak to Gordie. It was almost like they were there with us.”

“The stands were full of soccer families and the participation in the games was above and beyond what we imagined,” said Alicia Milyak ’02 ’11MHR, women’s soccer coach and soccer reunion committee co-chair. “The reunion was a great way for our current players to experience the rich tradition of Rollins soccer.”