An Editor's Farewell

It’s amazing to think that when I penned my first words for Rollins Magazine (then The Alumni Record), I was a mere 24-year-old not long out of Rollins College, transitioning from the role of ripened student to naive editor.

How fortunate I was, and am.

For 32 years, I have experienced the excitement of watching Rollins’ history, and future, unfold.

For 32 years, I have had the privilege of reflecting the unique character of Rollins through tales of the achievements of the College and its alumni (funny I used to worry I would run out of stories to tell!).

My goal has been clear: to make sure alumni are as aware and appreciative of the value of their Rollins degree as I am. Achieving that goal has been easy. It’s not hard to communicate greatness.

Mary Wismar-Davis. Photo by Judy Watson Tracy.

I literally have grown up during, and because of, my tenure as editor of Rollins Magazine. I have seen publishing evolve from the era of “cut and paste” to the era of the online magazine. I have seen the College through three presidents and two historical milestones: its centennial in 1985 and 125th anniversary in 2010. Now it’s time for me to pass the red pencil to the more-than-capable hands of my associate editor, Laura Cole ’04 ’08MLS—a well-deserved promotion for a bright, young alumna who will bring many talents and a fresh perspective to the magazine.

Following the publication of this issue, I will take on new challenges as the College’s creative director, continuing to communicate the essence of Rollins in exciting new ways. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the talented writers, designers, and photographers who have been a part of my journey as editor. Their role in the magazine’s evolution has been significant, their friendship invaluable.

Although I’m a wordsmith by trade, I don’t know of any words that adequately convey my feelings about this transition. Bittersweet comes closest. I will passionately dive into my new responsibilities, and a piece of my heart will always remain with Rollins Magazine.

Fiat Lux,
Mary Wetzel Wismar-Davis ’76 ’80MBA