Site plan

Expanding Opportunities

We Are the Tars

Alumni returning to campus will notice a change to the Mills Lawn. The helm of the horseshoe has been moved to the north of the grassy knoll, which has been re-graded, re-sodded, and renamed as “The Green.” Called Tars Plaza, the bricked area features the relocated flagpole with yard arms and benches, and includes a stone and brick compass rose to mark its location as the geometric center of campus. “All of these elements were chosen for their historical significance in relation to our mascot, an 18th-century sailor,” said Director of Facilities Scott Bitikofer. “It is a natural crossroads, and it is the perfect place to celebrate Rollins as the home of the Tars.”

Bush Science Center

A Walkable Campus

With the upcoming expansion of the Bush Science Center, Rollins plans to alter the heart of campus while increasing the heart health of our community. Following national trends on community building and environmental standards, the new layout will focus on walkability. The area will soon exchange a few parking spaces for a pedestrian walkway, more oak trees, additional lawn space, and more spaces where people can interact.

Putting the Sciences on Display

Everything about the renovation plans for the Archibald Granville Bush Science Center reflects both the interdisciplinary nature of 21st-century science and the education philosophy that sets Rollins apart. The redesign and expansion will reinforce the centrality of math and the sciences to a liberal arts education and create a thriving academic center for the entire Rollins community. A reconfigured interior will provide state-of-the-art learning environments, including instructional labs, research labs, classroom spaces, student and faculty collaborative areas near faculty offices, informal learning areas for group study, and an interactive hub in a new atrium.