Dave Berto ’56

Member, Rollins Alumni Association Board of Directors

Dave Berto (center)

Currently serving his sixth and final year on the Rollins Board, Dave Berto views his work on the Board as a constructive way to stay connected to his alma mater and an opportunity to influence Rollins students on the “joy of being educated.”

Berto chose to attend Rollins because of the College’s Conference Plan, an innovative, “round-table” approach to education developed by then-president Hamilton Holt. He credits former vice president and professor of books Edwin Osgood Grover with being a major influence on his life. “We met at a bus stop on the way to the College, became friends, and stayed close until his death 15 years later at 95 years old. Dr. Grover has been the salt and light in my life. He once said, ‘Happiness comes and happiness stays in sharing and sharing and sharing.’”

As a student, Berto was a member of the Knowles Memorial Chapel staff, Delta Chi fraternity, and Omnipotent Order of Osceola (O.O.O.O.), a secret society that strives to “create, preserve, and foster the traditions and ideals of Rollins.” His alumni activities include chairing his 55th Class Reunion Committee in 2011 and preparing for the launch of the Rollins Club of San Francisco.


Major: Business and History
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Favorite class: English professor Nina Dean’s Shakespeareana
Best place on campus: Knowles Memorial Chapel
Favorite local eatery: O’Brien’s Pharmacy
Favorite book: Old and New Testament, taught by former Chapel dean Ted Darrah
Career ambition: Become a lawyer


Hometown: Santa Rosa, California
Family: My wife, three children, eight grandchildren
Career: Business owner, finance collector
Volunteer work: Mayor and city councilman for local Presbyterian Church
Favorite R&R activity: Travel abroad and swimming
Something people may not know about me: I don’t think I will tell.
What I miss most about college life: My friends