Through Their Eyes

By Laura J. Cole ’04 ’08MLS

Ask anyone who ever called Rollins home to share a favorite College memory and chances are they’ll use their words to paint a vivid picture. In a recent contest sponsored by Rollins Magazine, students were invited to submit photos of the people, places, and moments that define their Rollins experience. Here, we invite you to view their pictures and re-experience Rollins as seen through their eyes.

Violin Bliss. Photo by Marie Patrick '10

Winning Entry: Violin Bliss by Marie Patrick ’10
"This picture is of a student in the music department at Rollins College. I personally developed each picture in the art department's darkroom; they were not digitally altered. My goal was to bring out the artist behind the music in her element as well as the instrument's beauty."

Marie Patrick ’10

Marie Patrick, Class of 2010

Marie Patrick, Class of 2010, was born in Haiti, speaks Creole and French, and has been living in the U.S. for past 15 years. A studio art major and art history minor, the Rollins senior will have her senior art show at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Before coming to study liberal arts at Rollins, Marie studied art for two years at Savannah College of Art and Design. Of her art, she writes, “I do believe that the simplicity and silence of black and white photography is what gives it power and appeal. My overall goal is not only to captivate the viewer through balanced composition and detailed imagery, but also to seduce the viewer into subconsciously becoming part of the composition.”


We Agree, It Is Alive. Photo by Praise Santos.
  Enjoy Your Flight. Photo by Praise Santos
We Agree, It Is Alive by Praise Santos ’11HH   Enjoy Your Flight by Praise Santos ’11HH
Tarnival Friends. Photo by Christian Kebbel.
  Slide Into Youth. Photo by Catherine Kelly.
Tarnival Friends by Christian Kebbel ’12   Slide Into Youth by Catherine Kelly ’10
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Chapel Sunrise. Photo by Christian Kebbel.
  Perspective. Photo by Holly Jefferies.
Chapel Sunrise by Christian Kebbel ’12   Perspective by Holly Jefferies ’10HH
Knowles at Night. Photo by Shannon Lynch.
  Opportunity. Photo by Holly Jefferies.
Knowles at Night by Shannon Lynch ’12   Opportunity by Holly Jefferies ’10HH
Olin at Dusk 2. Photo by J.D. Casto.    
Olin at Dusk 2 by J.D. Casto ’10  
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Czech Republic. Photo by Hannah Walsh.
  Invalides, Napolean's Tomb. Photo by Ginny Justice.
Czech Republic by Hannah Walsh ’08 ’09MBA   Invalides, Napoleon's Tomb by Ginny Justice ’11MLS
Trashy Art. Photo by Catherine Kelly.
  The Watchbird. Photo by Catherine Kelly.
Trashy Art by Catherine Kelly ’10   The Watch Bird by Catherine Kelly ’10
Little Peruvian Girl. Photo by Melody Hope Justice.    
Little Peruvian Girl by Melody Hope Justice ’10HH  
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