Letters to the Editor

I just finished re-reading my Fall 2009 Rollins Magazine and have to tell you how much I enjoyed the articles about Rollins and its beginnings. I attended Rollins from ’47 through ’49 and never knew some of the things revealed in the articles. We arrived at Rollins in the fall before Pres. Holt arrived [from his summer home in Woodstock], so we greeted him when he got off the train in Winter Park.
Alice Smith Johnson ’51

What a gorgeous publication! The cover, layout, graphics, everything—really top notch. Not that I’m an expert, but me eye says it’s terrific. Not your garden-variety alumni magazine. And that cover…shades of Norman Rockwell.
Shelby Benson Hiatt  ’58

I especially enjoyed the article in the Fall 2009 issue of Rollins Magazine about the College’s history. It made me get out the photos my father, Peter Berger, took with his Leica during his year as an exchange student at Rollins in 1929-30. Before my father had been accepted as a foreign student, he had hardly heard anything of Florida, he told me. This part of the world was far away from Germany in those days. In fact, 1928 was the first year in which the U.S. resumed giving scholarships to Germans after World War I. So he was always proud of being one of 40 German students chosen for studying in the U.S. in 1929. At the end of his year at Rollins, my father had gathered so much information about Florida’s geography that he decided to make it the topic of his PhD. He felt very much at home among the 300 students Rollins had at that time and enjoyed the wonderful climate. Life was so easy, students so optimistic, and food delicious and plentiful, he used to say. Some of his fellow students became true friends and later even helped our family survive with care packages after World War II. I met some of them not only on their visits to Germany, but also when I followed my father’s footsteps and graduated from Rollins in 1969. That shows the tremendous impact Rollins College had on our family. I wish you and the College all the best and look forward to your continued report about Rollins history.
Ortrun (Berger) Weghorn ’69, Oldenburg, Germany

What a wonderful magazine! I actually sat and read it cover to cover. It is visually stunning and has a flow of articles and information. Somehow, I missed the spring issue (maybe I didn’t recognize it!). Hats off to you for a great job!
Jesse Nickelson ’92

Congratulations to you and your team for continued improvement and really a wonderful magazine. I often read magazines from back to front, and usually with Rollins Magazine, I first check news of my old classmates. For some reason, I stopped and first read your editor’s article—Find Your Purpose, Find Your Place. How fortunate for you and for all of us who benefit from your efforts.
John F. Durkee, Jr. ’79

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