Painting a Greener Rollins

A portrait of our planet would likely depict vivid blue seas and swirling white clouds, but no accurate likeness of Earth can omit human beings from the picture. Think of this: it wasn’t until approximately 1800 that the world’s population reached one billion, but it took only 130 years to add the next billion, 30 years to add the third, and 15 years to add the fourth. In four more years, the world’s population is anticipated to reach 14 billion. The pressure of such a sizeable human presence can be either a powerful source of positive change or a potential source of destruction. Rollins students and faculty are passionate about facing the challenge and about leaving future generations with a landscape brighter than their own. What they are learning in Rollins classrooms and experiencing on the Rollins campus is helping them to paint that greener tomorrow.

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