Rollins World Travelers

By Elaine Liles

Participants travel by camel

An Adventure Back in Time: Egypt & the Eternal Nile

For 17 days in October, Rollins alumni and friends traveled back in time to days when Pharaohs ruled and some of the world’s earliest great civilizations arose. Days were spent discovering Egypt’s architecturally perfect pyramids, vast temples, and ancient treasures preserved for thousands of years.

Guided by an expert Egyptologist, the Rollins adventurers began their journey through antiquity in Cairo, the city that never sleeps. The group then crossed a corner of the Sahara to arrive at the iconic temple of Abu Simbel and boarded a ship for a relaxing cruise on Lake Nasser. After disembarking in the desert lands of Aswan, they boarded another ship to begin a voyage down the Nile that revealed the thousands of years of history that had unfolded along the river’s banks. Arriving in Luxor, the travelers explored Egypt’s living museum before concluding their trip in the Mediterranean port of Alexandria.

“There were so many memorable moments on this journey,” said Elaine Liles, assistant director of alumni programs. “From standing next to the towering Great Pyramid trying to solve the architectural mystery to feeling dwarfed by the massive statues of Ramses II at Abu Simbel…from being awestruck by the color and detail of paintings inscribed on the walls of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings to touring the backstreets of Luxor by horse and carriage…from visiting with an Egyptian woman who graciously opened her home to bartering in the bazaars where craft skills have been passed down for generations…from performing a play surrounded by soaring columns in the Temple of Isis to caravanning across desert sands on camels. Our Egyptian excursion conjured up images of a rich and fascinating history, and created memories that will last a lifetime.”