We Hear You!

Survey Results Reveal Ways to Increase Alumni Engagement

In order to ensure future alumni programming meets the needs of our alumni, Rollins conducted an online survey of a group of randomly selected alumni in July. Of those polled, 1,155 alumni (or 18%) responded with information that will help drive alumni communication and programming as the Alumni Association implements its three-year Strategic Plan.

The survey results show that 94% of alumni are satisfied overall with the experience they had as students and 87% have positive overall feelings about the College today. Most alumni say they receive about the right amount of material about resources, services, and benefits available to them, but there is strong interest in receiving more information in these areas, as well as communication about local events and other ways to stay involved. This was especially true of younger alumni, defined as alumni under 35.

While Rollins Magazine is a prime source of information about the College for 88% of alumni overall, 73% say they also get news and information from e-mail or e-mail newsletters from Rollins. Not surprisingly, social media and contact with peers are the most important sources of information for younger alumni.

Alumni, overall, are satisfied with the College’s ability to keep them informed about campus news and what’s happening at Rollins, but would like more opportunities to connect, namely through socializing or networking, participating in career-focused activities, and volunteering for Rollins in some capacity. Other areas we will want to focus on to better address alumni interests include providing more access to online resources, offering events with an intellectual focus, and emphasizing job and career services for alumni.

Thank you to the alumni who provided this important feedback. Please stay tuned for more survey results and how your Alumni Association is responding to what you have said.

Sharon Carrier, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations