Divine Secrets of the Rollins Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Amanda D'Assaro

Thetas reunite

Kappas reunite at the home of Lisa Lyle Vimmerstedt '74

Kappa Alpha Theta—Winter Park

Thetas from the classes of 1974 and 1975 gathered in Winter Park last February for a weekend mini-reunion hosted by Lisa Lyle Vimmerstedt ’74 and Judy Wommack Pfingstag ’75 ’79MEd. The alumnae, who came from Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida, gathered Friday evening for wine and cheese and a casual dinner at Vimmerstedt’s Winter Park home. On Saturday, they relived one of their favorite Rollins traditions, shopping on Park Avenue, then returned to Vimmerstedt’s home for a cocktail party before enjoying an open-air dinner at Hot Olives restaurant. The reunion concluded with a poolside Sunday brunch at Pfingstag’s home. “We shared old stories and memories and just had a great time,” Vimmerstedt said. “In fact, we had so much fun that we’ve decided to start traveling together. Right now we’re looking for a cruise ship to vacation on!”

Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon

Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the home of Rich Merriman '71

Sigma Phi Epsilon—Philadelphia

Twenty-six Sig Ep brothers from the classes of 1969 to 1974, accompanied by their wives, assembled in Philadelphia from all over the country in early June for a reunion that will not be forgotten. With the common bond of Sig Ep and Rollins, people who had last seen each other 35 to 40 years ago reunited as comfortably as if their separation had been for just a summer break, according to Matt Brown ’73, who, along with Chris Martin ’70, co-chaired the event that was hosted by Rich Merriman ’71. “Older, perhaps wiser, but still kids at heart, we discovered that the traits and personalities that made us friends 40 years ago have not changed,” Brown said. After checking in at the Radnor Hotel in St. Davids, PA on Friday, the group socialized before being transported to 333 Belrose Bar & Grill for cocktails and dinner. Sleepy-eyed, they reconvened the next morning for breakfast before boarding an open-air trolley for a sightseeing tour of historic downtown Philadelphia, highlighted by a private tour and lunch at the Union League. They later enjoyed a beautiful summer evening at the home of Rich and Pam Merriman that included food, drinks, a performance by a comedian, an awards ceremony, and dancing to live music of songs from their college days. Everyone had such a great time that before leaving Philadelphia, a committee was formed to plan the next Sig Ep reunion in Orlando in 2012. Brothers interested in the 2012 reunion may contact Geoff Longstaff ’71 ’72MBA at glongstaff@merchantilecc.com.

X-Club Fraternity

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: Celebrating 80 years of the X-Club Fraternity

X-Club—Las Vegas

In March 2009, Rick Wedge ’89 and David Helmers ’91 organized a reunion of X-Clubbers and friends at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. More than 50 Clubbers and other alumni from the classes of 1987 to 1992, many joined by their spouses, attended this special celebration commemorating the fraternity’s 80th anniversary. The weekend also featured a reunion of the popular Rollins jam band Forgotten Space, comprised of band members Reed Ingersoll ’89, Tom Mavis ’88, Matt “Guitar” Delaney ’88, and “Shady” Jay Camphire ’91, who played a local gig as well as the X-Club party. Guest performers included Dennis Mehiel ’91 (vocals), Scott “Doc” Barry ’88 (guitar), Sandy Vanderzee ’91 (vocals), and Brad Bennett ’91 (mostly just looking cool). Alumni traveled from Kentucky, California, Florida, New York, Georgia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, DC to attend the rollicking three-day event. The reunion was a huge success and according to Helmers, “Other events are being planned—including the founding of a Rollins retirement community so Clubbers and friends of the Club (aka Hellboys and Hellgirls) can spend their waning years partying together and having more great times.”