Edward A. Moses, 1942-2010

Man of Wisdom

Edward Moses

Following are excerpts from a tribute made at Ed Moses’ memorial service by Dean of the Crummer Graduate School of Business Craig McAllaster, March 2010.

The legacy of a man is based on the entirety of his life, and by any measure Ed Moses’ legacy was huge.

Ed joined the Crummer Graduate School of Business in September 1989, serving as dean, professor of finance, and director of the Executive MBA program. He also was named Bank of America Professor of Finance, recognizing his excellence in teaching, research, and service.

In all of his roles at Rollins, Ed showed a consistent and enduring love for teaching through his interactions with students and alumni. More than 60 percent of all Crummer alumni graduated while he worked at the school.

Ed was a consummate schmoozer—a “people person” on steroids. I first met Ed in 1994, when, as the new dean at Crummer, he hired me to run the Executive MBA program. I remember him sticking his hand out and saying “How ya doing!” Friendship was just Ed—you could not meet this man and spend any time with him and not feel his sincerity.

He was the best dean I ever worked for. What I respected most about him was his expectation of excellence. He let you do your job, but was always there when you needed him.

As dean, Ed established both the Early Advantage MBA and the Accelerated MBA programs. He was instrumental in the expansion of Crummer Hall in 1999. It was during his tenure that the school was first ranked by both Forbes and U.S. News & World Report magazines as one of the top business schools in the nation.

Ed took Crummer to the next level during his deanship. Early in his tenure when Crummer was experiencing a decline in full-time students, he led the faculty to a solution. Within one year, the Early Advantage MBA and Accelerated MBA programs were created, approved, and enrolled. I don’t know of many academic organizations that can respond like that, but under Ed’s leadership it was in the bag.

The Bush Executive Center is another important part of his legacy. He knew that in order to grow we needed more space, so he worked very hard to bring the Bush Executive Center online in 1999. We would never be where we are today without that important addition to Crummer Hall.

When Ed stepped down as dean, the school did a special edition of the alumni newsletter entitled “The Wisdom of Moses.” How true!

The Crummer family will miss his smiling face, his Southern hospitality, his sayings like “mother finance,” and his unwavering commitment to our students. His dedication to Crummer—students, staff members, faculty, community partners—remains unmatched. Ed saw the best in everyone and helped make all our lives better.

The family has established a scholarship in honor of Ed Moses for students at the Crummer School. To make a donation, go to rollins.edu/crummer/alumni/onlinedonation.