Class News - Family Additions

Edited by Amanda D'Assaro

’90 Laura Nafis Pennington and husband Edward, Caroline Mosby, 11/13/08, who joins Digges, 2.

Peter Bok with sons Connor and Alex

’92 Peter Bok and wife Tiffany, Connor Sanderson, 3/1/09, who joins Alex, 3.

Michael Karger's daughter Ellorie

’93 Michael Karger and wife Sara, Ellorie Ann, 7/25/08.

Matthew O’Donnell and wife Jennifer, Caitlin Emily, 3/08, who joins Charles, 4.

’94 Lachlan Brown and wife Jennifer, Nathaniel Lachlan, 12/1/08.

Christopher Gilbert and wife Heather, Charlotte Grace, 6/5/08.

Shannon Huber Harrison and husband Stephen, Russell O’Neill, 10/29/07, who joins Stephen, 4.

Shannon Hunt-Scott and husband James, Chloe, 8/16/08.

John Myers IV ’96MBA and wife Victoria, David Martin, 12/11/08, who joins John V, 4.

Eddie Maple's daughter Madden Rose

’95 Sally Fleischmann Oyler and husband Jason, Elizabeth Sally, 3/17/08, who joins Morganne, Jacob, Brandon and Alexander.

Eddie Maple and wife Carey, Madden Rose, 11/14/08, who joins Lily, 2.

Jennifer Candee Zaharewicz's son Rowan Thomas

Jenniver Candee Zaharewicz and husband Gregory, Rowan Thomas, 12/15/08.

’96 Marc and Karen Zagrodny ’97 Consalo, Eva Marie, 6/17/08,who joins Anthony.

Jennifer Thompson Bain and husband James, Layla, 7/23/08, who joins Bria, 11, Elliotte, 10, Hannah, 7, Nathan, 5, and Samuel, 3.

Nancy Disher Giusti and husband Anthony, Nicholas Cameron, 11/11/08, who joins Natalie, 3.

Mathew and Kate Ogden McCauley, Mathew Gilbert, 11/6/08.

Brandy DeMill's daughters Caylee and Evelyn

’97 Brandy DeMil and her partner Stephanie Smith, Evelyn Jean,
2/12/08, who joins Caylee, 3.

Pace and Eileen Giarruso Halter's children PJ, Reed, and Charlie

Pace and Eileen Giarrusso Halter, Reed Bradbury, 12/1/08, who joins PJ, 6, and Charlie, 4.

Fred Wingate and wife Ellen, Logan Jett, 4/8/09.

Alexis Bornstedt and Mark Rapp's son Florian

’98 Alexis Bohrnstedt ’06MED and husband Mark ’07MBA Rapp, Florian Mark, 1/15/09, who joins Xavier, 2.

Christina Leh Simon's daughter Ava

Christina Leh Simon ’01MBA and husband Todd, Ava Elizabeth, 2/14/09.

Heather Stowers De Gennaro's twins Finley and Anabelle

Kimberly Stowers De Gennaro and husband Christian, Finley Peyton and Anabelle Chiara, 5/9/09.

Megan Fusco Ames' son Christopher

’00 Megan Fusco Ames and husband Edward, Christopher Connor, 11/26/08, who joins Quinn, 2.

Cara Ginsberg Lubin's daughter Kitty

Cara Ginsberg Lubin and husband Michael, Kitty Ann, 5/12/09, who joins Asher, 3.

Christopher Wilson and wife Meredith, Cooper Eric, 2/23/09.

Jennie Zelenak Li and husband James, Jessie, 4/4/09, who joins Jadon, 5, and Jamie.

’01 Michael and Camilla Nygaard Criscola, Carl, 5/2/08.

Julie Smith, Aria, 1/23/07.

Cara Taylor Terreri and husband Jason, Grant Edward, 5/3/08, who joins Evan, 2.

Michael ’03MBA and Melissa Booker ’03 Veith, Mia and Isabella, 6/24/08.

Nate and Ali Roach ’00 Banchiere, daughter Sophia Jean, 5/5/07.

Jonas and Junia Jean-Gilles Beaubrun, and their children Josiah and Jaylen

Elizabeth Rollins Feld's son Eli

’02 Jonas and Junia Jean- Gilles ’98 Beaubrun, Jaylen Sanoj, 7/7/08, who joins Josiah, 2.

Kelly Clayton Buck and husband Kyle, Collin Matthew, 6/18/08, who joins Ethan, 4.

Ashley Hay Dehner and husband Lyman, Brenley Reese, 1/29/09, who joins Abigail.

Peter Fitzgerald and wife Megan, Jack Robert, 2/17/08.

Heather Houck Hunter and husband James, Amelia Jade, 10/29/07.

Elizabeth Rollins Feld and husband Charles, Eli Charles, 5/10/08.

Noah and Chrissy Coloma-Rosenblatt's son Simon

Noah and Chrissy Coloma Rosenblatt, Simon Nicolas, 3/28/08.

Anne Shaner Hainey and husband Devon, Emma Grace, 9/15/08.

’03 Craig and Lauren Ricci ’04 Brody, Alexandria Hayden, 9/10/08.

’04 Alex and Kristin Tamposi ’03 Rosario, Gabrielle, 10/6/08.

’06 Richard Porter and wife Aimee, Ethan Alexander, 7/2/08.

Andre Dohlen and wife Melissa, Anika Lara, 10/19/08.