June Reinhold Myers ’41, 1919-2009

Daughter, mother, and grandmother of Rollins

By Lorrie Kyle Ramey ’70

June Reinhold Myers

June Myers '41 with sons Paul (l) and Jack '69 '70MBA

Were it not for her father’s firm direction, June Reinhold, a Pittsburgh native and Jacksonville, Florida resident, might have pursued her college degree at a Northern school, and a multi-generational Rollins family might never have gotten its start. June was told she could visit Smith, but Rollins would be her college. Once on campus, she fell in love with Rollins, majoring in Spanish, singing in the Chapel Choir, writing for The Sandspur, and rising to presidency of Kappa Alpha Theta.

She also fell in love at Rollins. The handsome basketball player she met in physics class, John C. Myers, Jr. ’42, would become her husband shortly before he reported for duty with the U.S. Army in 1942. When he returned after three and a half years of service in Europe (and never seeing his wife during that time), the couple settled in his hometown, Ashland, Ohio, raising two sons, John III (Jack) ’69 ’70MBA and Paul.

June Myers’ affection for Rollins no doubt multiplied when her son Jack chose Rollins as his college. She twice accepted nomination to the College’s board of trustees as an Alumni Trustee, serving from 1966 to 1969 and again from 1972 to 1975, and was later elected a member of the Alumni Association’s board of directors. In addition to her service to Rollins, Myers founded the Hospitality Shop at Ashland’s Samaritan Hospital and was active in her church and various organizations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. She also took on leadership of her family’s enterprises, the Reinhold Corporation and the Reinhold Foundation, following the deaths of her father and sister.

Myers gave far more than her time to Rollins. She and her husband donated a significant portion of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum’s collection of Old Masters and she supported various Rollins needs including The Rollins Fund, scholarships, the Myers Advanced Technology Classroom in the Harold & Ted Alfond Sports Center, and renovation of the Chapel organ. She even helped robe the Chapel Choir and provided all of the vestments.

In 1991, as Myers celebrated becoming a Rollins grandmother, with the matriculation of John C. Myers IV ’94 ’96MBA, her many contributions to her alma mater were recognized with the Alumni Service Award. Her legacy of service is sustained by son Jack, a former Alumni Association president, current trustee, and member of the Athletic Council; son Paul, also a member of the Athletic Council and chair of the Athletics Scholarship Gala for seven years; and grandson, John, a participant in the President’s Leadership Council.

June Reinhold Myers will be missed in her many capacities, but none more than her roles as a quintessential daughter of Rollins and matriarch of a true Rollins family.