Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies

Meet Our Team

Meet our new & returning staff members.

The Leading Ladies at Lucy

Our students and staff at Lucy are intentional in creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for the Rollins community to live, laugh, converse, and chill.

Jill Jones

Jill Jones

Director of Lucy Cross Center for Women & Their Allies

Identifies as... bookworm, human

Also serves on-campus as... professor of English 

Favorite courses to teach... Mean Girls, American Literature and Immigrants and Film and Literature

Past publications have focused on...Zora Neale Hurston, Hags and Whores, Toni Morrison

Ask her about... coffee, monsters, The Lucy Cross

Rebecca Dornan

Rebecca Dornan

Social Justice Graduate Intern

Identifies as...Feminist, a Disney fanatic, an advocate

Also serves on-campus as...a Graduate student in the Hamilton Holt Mental Health Counseling Program

Most passionate about...Empowering women, animal rights, and education

Ask her about... anything pertaining to Disney, mental health counseling and horses

Carla Daza

Carla Daza

Identifies as... Feminist, Social Justice Warrior, Hispanic, Venezuelan-American, Female

Also serves on-campus as... Diversity Envoy Admission Diplomat, Embark Student Leader, Member of Voices for Women and Spectrum

Most passionate about... Social Justice and Advocacy, Fitness, Self-Care, Respect

Ask her about... Events Happening at Rollins, Feminism, Indie/Alternative Music, Donuts

Morgan Gerber

Morgan Gerber

Work Study at the Lucy Cross Center and Sociology Major SWAG Minor

Identifies as...  a feminist, an Ohioan, a karaoke fanatic

Also serves on-campus as... a member of AOII

Most passionate about... studying abroad, protecting women's rights and counteracting rape culture on the Rollins campus.

Ask her about... The Walking Dead, studying abroad in Ireland, music, movies and Cedar Point

Gabbie Buendia

Gabbie Buendia

Lucy Cross Work Study

Identifies as...a woman of color, an environmentalist, a feminist and a proud immigrant

Also serves off-campus of Voices for Women, a Sustainability Coordinator, an EMBARK Student leader

Most passionate about... sex education, the environment, and education

Ask her about... environmental justice and her favorite hiking spots in the area

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