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Olin Library

Deborah Prosser

Director of the Olin Library


About Deborah

Deborah leads the Olin Library.  Previously, she served as the Dean of Libraries at the University of North Georgia and the Dean of Library Services at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Deborah’s passion within libraries is connecting students with resources that can help ensure their success in college and fuel their interests to become lifelong learners.  Collaborating, sharing ideas and research projects, and advancing student and faculty scholarship are also fundamental goals.  Deborah’s academic background is in American Studies and Art History, and she is strongly committed to the interdisciplinary inquiry that is foundational to liberal arts education.  Outside of Rollins, Deborah supports her son who is a passionate environmentalist and bird biologist in-training at the University of Montana.  Her current interests include reading, knitting (preferably in a group with lively conversation), antiques, and exploring the many beautiful wild areas of Florida.

Education and Experience

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