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Our writing consultants are happy to work with you on any type of writing and wherever you may be in your writing process, from brainstorming paper topics to polishing your final draft. Writing consultants give feedback as general readers and use various techniques and their knowledge of writing conventions to help you express your ideas. 

Please have an assignment description or guidelines available during your session and bring any notes or drafts.

What students say about working with Writing Consultants:

"We made a strong thesis statement to help me with the rest of my paper!"

The writing consultant “was great and so eager to help me! She definitely knows what she's talking about."

"I'm leaving today with a firmer grasp of how to structure my thoughts in a way that is clear."

Interested in becoming a writing consultant?

What will I learn from working in the Writing Center?

Writing Consultants’ own reading and writing skills often improve considerably from the experience, as do their communication skills, in dialog with the student writer, the course material, and the specific writing prompt.  Great gains also result from their extensive practice in drawing out people’s ideas and giving feedback to help student writers reflect on their learning and writing processes, to make adjustments, both short- and long-term. The job is challenging, varied, and usually fun. While appointments are free of charge for the client, Writing Consultants get paid for time spent in sessions with students.

What's required of me as a writing consultant?

  • Participate in about ten hours of face-to-face crash training spread over the first few weeks, in several evenings, in the first semester you consult  This is a one-credit course, TPJ 106.
  • After crash training, attend frequent staff meetings on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30.  For this one-credit course, TPJ 111, you will also serve as liaison with one professor's writing-intensive courses. You will gather information about the courses' writing assignments to share with other consultants to prepare them for possible future appointments with those students. 
  • Offer six hours a week for appointments throughout the semester and if you want to, arrange off-schedule appointments with student clients.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in working with students in this way, please fill out our application on Handshake.

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