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What to expect from your TWC visit

We know that visiting the TWC to meet with a tutor can seem intimidating, especially if you haven't done it before. On this page, you can find out more about how to prepare for your visit, what to expect from your session, and some tips about what to do after you meet with a tutor.

There isn't much you need to do to prepare for your session. We do ask, though, that you bring any relevant course materials (print or digital), such as lecture notes, your textbook, a draft of your paper, feedback on a previous assignment, etc. Basically, bring anything that might help your tutor help you.

You'll also want to make sure that you can quickly access your appointment confirmation to find the name of your tutor (this is how you'll connect with them when you come for your session). 

When you walk through the main entrance to Olin Library, walk past the Circulation desk and turn left. Go all the way to the end of the hallway, then turn right. Welcome to the Tutoring and Writing Center! 

Your tutor should be there waiting for you. They will have their name displayed on a card in front of them so that you can make sure you get connected with the right tutor. Don't worry, they'll be expecting you! If you don't remember the name of your tutor, check your appointment confirmation (in your email and/or text messages). When in doubt, see Mistie or Layne (in 208) or ask another tutor for assistance. 

Once you get connected with your tutor, feel free to relocate to a different area in the TWC or to another space in Olin Library (as long as it is not a quiet floor) that is more conducive to your needs. 

Your tutor will probably begin by asking what you want to work on or what questions you hope to answer during your session. Then, you'll work together to set the agenda for the next 30-60 minutes.

Our content tutors are trained to offer feedback on how you are understanding and applying course concepts. Your tutor can help you clarify the assignments you're working on, practice problem-solving, and help you develop more effective studying practices.

During your session, you'll also have the opportunity to explore strategies that you can use at all stages of the learning process: understanding new material, consolidating information from readings and class notes, summarizing information in meaningful categories, and applying what you learn.

At the end of your session, it's a good idea to summarize what you and your tutor covered and what your next steps will be.

Your writing consultant will probably begin by asking what you want to work on and where you are in your writing process. Then, you'll work together to set the agenda for the next 30-60 minutes.

Writing consultants give feedback as general readers and use various techniques and their knowledge of writing conventions to help you express your ideas. Depending on your needs and goals, you may read your draft out loud together, work on outlining your ideas, discuss evidence that will best support your argument, and/or review some sentence-level issues that are making your ideas more difficult to follow.

At the end of your session, it's a good idea to review the progress you've made so far and what your next steps will be.

Your tutor will create an appointment summary that will contain brief notes about your session. Reviewing these notes can be a great way to jog your memory about what kinds of things you covered with your tutor. You can access this summary any time through EAB/Navigate:

  1. From your "Student Home" page, click on the gray "Reports" tab.
  2. You should see a table with all of your appointment summaries. You can scroll through to find what you're looking for or filter by "Care Unit: Tutoring." 

Make a plan to come back and see us!
DID YOU KNOW: you can make an appointment with the same content tutor or writing consultant, and you can schedule up to 15 appointments in advance.

Our service hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am--9pm EST
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 12pm--9pm EST


Layne Porta Gordon, PhD
Coordinator, Tutoring and Writing Center 

Mistie Watkins
Associate Coordinator, Tutoring and Writing Center 

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