Olin Library


Computer Labs & Workstations

The library contains four computer labs - three administered by the Information Technology department, and one administered by the library:

Contact Information Technology for more information on these labs at x6363 or helpdesk@rollins.edu.

You can reserve these rooms through the Rollins Scheduling and Event Services Virtual EMS, available here.

The fourth lab is in the reference area, which contains a bank of 22 computers in the lobby on the 2nd floor.  This area is in an open area and is not bookable.

Patrons requiring a computer on a quiet floor have three areas with quiet workstations:  a bank of two computers on the first floor, one computer on the third floor, and two on the fourth floor.  These computers have full lab machine functionality and can print to the reference area printer.  Each workstation bank is located to the left of the stairwell on each floor.

Copiers and Printers

Printers are available throughout the building, including both a color and black and white machine in the Reference Area. 

In addition to printing, each printer also allows users to scan and copy.  Rollins employees also have access to fax service through these printers.

Students and Faculty can find instructions for Printing, Copying, Faxing and Scanning here.

Digital Signage

The Olin library has a variety of options available for digital signage in the building. If you would like to promote your campus organization or event, let us know. Contact our Digital Services Specialist, Juan Gonzalez for more information.

Loggia Plasma Screen

The plasma screen is located on the library loggia near the main entrance and exit of the building.

While preference is normally given to library-related content, members of the Rollins community are free to suggest and submit content for this screen.  The loggia is a high-traffic area, and the plasma screen is ideal for event announcements, information about campus organizations, etc. 

The plasma rotation is constructed in HTML and JavaScript (like a website.)  Submitted content can be static (flyers, posters, and the like) or can include videos.  If submitting a video, please upload it to a video sharing site (such as YouTube) and ensure that embedding is enabled. Static content is best submitted as an image, pdf, Word document, or single Powerpoint slide without embedded media. 

Please submit your plasma content requests to our Digital Services Specialist, Juan Gonzalez, or librarian Susan Montgomery.  All submissions are subject to approval by the library director.

Screen Savers

In cooperation with Information Technology, the Olin Library now has the ability to alter the image content of the screensavers on all public computers in the library labs.  These screensavers provide another opportunity for promotion of Rollins-related information to library patrons.

You can submit screen saver content requests to our Digital Services Specialist, Juan Gonzalez, or librarian Susan Montgomery.  All submissions are subject to approval by the library director.  Please format all submission as images, preferably in .jpg format.

Touchscreen Directory

Located in the main lobby of the library near the front desk, the touchscreen is used as an interactive directory of employees, locations, and services in the Olin Library.  If you notice any errors in the directory, contact our Digital Services Specialist, Juan Gonzalez.

This screen possesses limited capabilities, but if you have any suggestions for its use or improvement, feel free to ask.

Accessibility Services

Assistive technology is available in the library.  Two workstations in the reference area have JAWS software installed on them, and one workstation on the 1st floor has Dragon speech recognition software.

If you require additional accommodation or support, you can contact the Office of Accessibility Services.

Listening Rooms

Two listening rooms are available for patrons who require the use of multimedia equipment.  They are located on the 1st floor in rooms 119 & 120

Both listening rooms contain a wall-mounted plasma screen with a VGA wall plate that allows you to connect a laptop to the tv screen.  There is also a multi-region DVD player and VHS/DVD combo player.

Priority use of these rooms is for patrons who require the use of the multimedia equipment, but if they are not being used as listening rooms, they can be used as study rooms.

If you require assistance with the technology in our listening rooms, contact the IT Help Desk.

Microfilm Reader

The Olin Library has a collection of materials on microform.  These materials can be read, saved as pdf, and printed via our microform reader and workstation located on the 1st floor of the library in room 134.  Priority use of this room and the computer is for patrons using the microform reader.

The microform is kept on the 1st floor in the microform area, the periodicals stacks, and in the Archives.

If you need help finding or using these materials, library employees are here to assist you.

Print requests sent from the microform room are sent to the reference area printer on the 2nd floor.  You will need to release your print job from the laptop release station as usual.

Please note that any documents saved to the microform computer will be deleted by our security software when you log off.  Please make sure to save your scans to a flash drive or other external source or e-mail them to yourself.

Be sure to turn off the microform machine when you're finished with it.

3D Printing

A 3D printer is available for use in the Center for Creativity.  If you'd like more information on how to reserve it or use it, you can contact the IT Help Desk at 407-628-6363 or at helpdesk@rollins.edu.

Looking for gadgets?

The library has iPads, bikes, digital cameras, laptops, and more available for checkout.