Olin Library

LibQual 2010 User Comments and Responses

  • The incredible personal attention offered by the library staff has enabled me to learn the technological advances of this decade.  Thank you!
    Jonathan’s Response: Thanks for the positive feedback.  We pride ourselves on giving you personal attention.

  • Given the size of Rollins College, the Olin library offers an impressive array of services and resources.
    Jonathan’s Response: We are glad you are impressed, but there is still more we plan to add -- with input from faculty and students.

  • I really like the display table when you first walk in. There are always really interesting books there that I would never think to look for in the library.
    Jonathan’s Response: Glad you noticed the display table for new books. We try to keep a constantly rotating selection of titles there, so keep coming back.

  • I love the resources, the easy to access information, and the ability to relax as well.
    Jonathan’s Response: We aim to create a "welcoming environment for the Rollins community." It looks like our plan is succeeding!

  • Had some difficultly with interlibrary loans.
    Jonathan’s Response: Sorry to hear that. We have tried to make it as simple and as fast as possible. You can logon to our online ILL site using your FoxID and articles are arriving within four days, books within ten. Stop by the Reference Desk and give us some more details and perhaps we can remove those difficulties.

  • The library provides a great learning space, however at times I wish there were more study tables and study rooms for group study, or for when I need more space than a cubicle.
    Jonathan’s Response: I hear you about group space. In the last couple of years we have opened up more rooms on the third floor for group study and we hope to add more large tables for group study as well.  Since some people prefer the single cubicles, it is a tough balancing act.

  • I utilized the computer help desk.  It took over a week to fix; part of this reason was due to the staff working on my computer left to attend a conference.  I find it challenging that when a computer is in for repair there is only one person that can work on the system and was the only person that knew what the status was on the computer.
    Jonathan’s Response: Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the help you received from the IT Help and Laptop Repair Shop. I have passed your comment on to the Chief Information Officer, Pat Schoknecht, who manages IT.

  • I love Olin.
    Jonathan’s Response: So do I, sir.  So do I.

  • I am not sure this fits under library services, but it is very difficult to find quiet spaces to study. Even those spaces designated as quiet areas (especially on the fourth floor), are often occupied by noisy or disruptive people. Other than that, I find the library to be a comfortable and inviting place to do work.
    Noise levels and food and drink problems are extremely distracting. Last term during finals week, every floor was overcrowded with noisy groups of students. Students don't know not to place their trash on top of an overloaded garbage bin, or when it is appropriate to discuss their personal business on their cell phones.
    Jonathan’s Response: I am sorry to hear you have found the noise and food and drink in the library distracting. We have designated the 3rd and 4th floors as quiet study areas. You should always feel free to ask other users on those floors to be quiet. If you are not satisfied, come and talk to a staff member we will gladly ask people on those floors to be quiet. As for trash disposal, it gets pretty busy in here during finals and even though we have extra janitorial staff, the trash piles up. Feel free to point out an overflowing trash can to a staff member, and we will deal with it.

  • I really like our library.  I haven't heard any negative comments and what you can't find there, you can find thru the internet.
    Jonathan’s Response: I am glad you like the library, but I am not sure I agree that everything we don't have access to is on the Internet. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet, but there are other sources of information as well. My advice: keep all your options open.

  • I would like more access to journal articles. Bigger schools like UCF have more access to articles and with how much we pay to go to Rollins we should be able to access the same amount of materials.
    Jonathan’s Response: While we cannot match the acquisitions budget of UCF, a major research university with 56,000 students, we are doing better. One way to do this is to join with state universities like UCF to share resources, so in January 2010 we added 1,700 more fulltext journals to our collection joining the state universities of Florida in a deal with Wiley Publishing. Look for more deals that bring more access to journal articles in the future. I was pleased to see this comment from another LibQual respondent, "I have been very pleased with the Olin Library.  I am currently taking graduate classes out at UCF and was surprised to find out that we have more resources for those classes at the Olin Library than at the UCF library." So we are making some progress.

  • These library computer labs are very disruptive with students/ youth who think it is a romper room....Why doesn't Rollins College utilize printed stand-up signs for phone calls and loud disruptive conversation to be held outside library or in common areas for groups to utilize?  Is Rollins College aware that Valencia Community College does not tolerate any cell phone usage and loud talking in the computer lab area?....The other issue is the bathrooms in the after hours side of the library.  The sinks have not been cleaned for months since I've used this library.
    Jonathan’s Response: We take a different approach to cell phone usage in Olin than they do at Valencia. We try to concentrate on curbing disruptive behavior not on cell phone usage per se. If someone is talking too loud on their cell phone, just talking too loud, or acting in any other disruptive manner, feel free to ask them to tone it down. If they don't, ask a staff person to handle it. If you are in the 24 area after hours, call
    Campus Safety, an officer will come and deal with the issue. You should never have to accept anyone being verbally abusive. As for the bathrooms, they are cleaned every day and that includes the sinks.

  • - Great academic atmosphere; great help (both from library staff and computer staff), The library allows me study and keep up to date on info and current events.
    - Have been impressed with the growth of the Olin the last three years.  Always a pleasure to deal with the library staff and work and research or just "be" in the library.
    - Denisa in ILL is especially helpful, but everyone is always nice to me.
    - The library is great for an undergraduate library & I feel that they're always triving to do better and keep up with new developments. They really care about the faculty & I think the students & staff too. The staff are all fantastic!
    - I am pleased with some of the changes that have been made since Jonathan got here, such as the streamlined login for electronic databases and the new Olin webpages.
    - I went to Rollins for Undergraduate and Graduate programs and the library has been a tremendous factor in my success at both.
    - The library is a great service for a school of this size. It recognizes that it does not have the resources of a large school and tries to make amends...this library is definitely above average.
    Jonathan’s Response: Good, I am glad to hear it.

  • Overall, services are excellent! My only issues are the fact that when I need something that is loaned out for a few hours to students (cameras, documents, etc.), they are almost always late and I have to wait quite a long time in most cases. Also, the articles and databases for business are usually very in-depth; I would like to see the same level in regards to science.
    Jonathan’s Response: Ah, the age old issue of trying to get library users to bring stuff back on time. If only I had the solution to that problem! We try to make this happen by charging some pretty hefty fines, but it doesn't always work. As for depth of resources, I am glad to hear you appreciate the depth of the business resources. We have invested a lot of money in our science resources over the last few years, adding databases like Scopus (now SciVerse,) Science Direct, and fulltext online access to the two top journals in the sciences, Science and Nature, but there is still more to do.

  • The library is a great place to study and is useful, however I have a hard time knowing how to find things through the webpage.
    Jonathan’s Response: We just redesigned our website in January. We based the redesign on usability testing with Rollins students, but we know we have more to do. We will be holding more usability testing and also focus groups during the Fall term, so watch for an opportunity to participate. Of course, you can always just ask a librarian, we will always be happy to help you find something.

  • The website's search engine is terrible....The R-search never seems to give me what I want and I was told it was supposed to prioritize results by books the library has then other resources. I can Google search to find rticles, I want to use Olin's website to find books. I also focus my research on sexuality in other
    cultures, which we don't have many resources on (especially China).
    Jonathan’s Response: Designing a website that encompasses all the myriad forms of information handled by a contemporary library is tough, trying to design one that does that and works for the varied groups that make up the Rollins community makes it that much more difficult. You just want to find books, the person sitting next to you wants articles, and someone else wants both. But rest assured we will continue to try and find the most effective way of presenting all the options to our users. Keep an eye out for an opportunity to participate in usability testing and in focus groups about the website, and about R-search in the Fall.
    OK, let's talk about R-search. I am afraid someone did mislead you if they told you that R-search, "was supposed to prioritize results by books the library has." The system uses a complex search process to present the most relevant results that are most available, which includes both books and articles and lots of other stuff as well. For instance, I just did a search on <sexuality in china> and got 12,996 results, 12,958 of which are available right now in fulltext. If I limit the search to just scholarly journal articles then I get 7,278 results. If I limit it to books, I find twenty in the Olin Library. But if I add results beyond the Olin Library, I find 210 results. All of which can be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. R-search is not the answer to every question you have, but it is a pretty powerful search engine. Don't get me wrong I love Google, but the same search in Google netted 85,000,000 results and the top ones were mostly sex sites. When I filtered my search that was reduced to 3,500,000 results. If I transfer the search to Google Scholar, then I get 112,000 results. But of the ten on the first page, three are citations to books, which was not what I asked for, and many of the others are not available in fulltext unless I pay a hefty fee. Google is great for lots of things, but don't rely on it alone for access to articles to support your academic work. In fact don't rely on any one search engine: Google, Google Scholar, R-search, or any one of the more than seventy databases the library provides. Learn how to use multiple databases and search engines, become an informed information consumer: shop around.

  • I have always found the library staff helpful and accommodating.  I appreciate the ability to access scholarly sources at home through the Rollins website.
    Jonathan’s Response: That is good to hear. The last time we conducted this survey in the Fall of 2006, we heard a lot of dissatisfaction with off campus access. The solution we put in place seems to have helped with this issue.

  • Certain online databases I feel we should have access to, we don't (Chicago being one of them) and I oftentimes experience problems when trying to access articles in databases we claim to have.
    Jonathan’s Response: I am not sure what you mean by Chicago. If you do want access to a database that we do not offer, please get in touch. You can always let us know by sending an e-mail to askolinlibrary@gmail.com. That is also the address you should use if you cannot access an article you think you should be able to. There is a link to that address from the library website.

  • The entrance to the Olin Library may be the most impressive of any building on campus--so get rid of that horrible big-screen TV monitor that has "sports bar" written all over it.
    Jonathan's Response: As for the screen, it has proved to be a great way to communicate new services etc. to our users, and the juxtaposition with the traditional look of the library is a nice metaphor for the library in general; sorry you don't approve.

  • Most documents do not open while I am logged into the library's database at home.
    Jonathan’s Response: They should. This sounds like an individual problem associated with your log in. When you find this kind of problem, please contact Bill Svitavsky at bsvitavsky@rollins.edu, or Paul Gindlesperger at pgindlesperger@rollins.edu.

  • The support staff is kind of not accessible; I feel like it's not obvious who to talk to if you need help, and that when you do ask for help, it's kind of a cursory attention that is paid.
    Jonathan’s Response: It pains me to hear that you feel that you have only received cursory attention. I hope you give us another chance. If you have a question about how to find something, how to search, or how to evaluate what you have found, ask a librarian (they are the ones at the Reference Desk, to the right as you enter the building.) If you have a question about loan periods, fines, etc. ask at Circulation (to the left as you enter.) If you are not satisfied with the response, I would like to hear about it. We pride ourselves on 'exceptional services' so let me know if that is not what you are getting.

  • LOVE the archives.
    Jonathan’s Response: Our archival personnel have received awards for their service and they administer one of the premier archival collections in Central Florida. I am glad to hear you like their work as well.

  • Everything about the library is pretty great except the women who check out books to you. A few times I felt like I received snide remarks for asking a question.
    Jonathan’s Response: I have shared your response with the staff concerned. I hope they will be more sensitive to how their responses can be perceived in the future. If you are not satisfied with our service, please don't hesitate to contact me: jxmiller@rollins.edu.

  • Better film/video technology is needed for the CMC department and Rollins Television.
    Jonathan’s Response: The faculty members in the Critical Media and Cultural Studies Department have discussed this issue with both the Library and with Information Technology and we are working to find a solution. In the meantime, a range of video equipment is available for borrowing from the Circulation Desk and the equipment in the Multimedia Lab is available whenever the Library is open, although we recognize that we could use more multimedia equipment.

  • I think that the Olin Library is a fantastic facility. The staff have been extremely helpful, the facilities are great etc., I just feel like the library is only for undergraduates.
    Jonathan’s Response: We hope the Library is for everyone. If someone is talking too loud on their cell phone, just talking too loud, or acting in any other disruptive manner, feel free to ask them to tone it down. If they don't, ask a staff person to handle it. Also, we are considering designating a Silent Zone -- stay tuned for more on that.

  • Extremely helpful, I really like the online 'instant message' option for contacting librarian for research help. It really makes it the most convenient!
    Jonathan’s Response: We are glad you like the instant messaging feature, keep an eye out for text reference coming in the Fall. Just text 66746 and type <askolin> followed by your question.

  • I'd like for it to be easier to gain access to private areas/rooms for study.  I don't feel comfortable leaving my stuff if I need to get up, so I have to pack everything whenever I leave the table.
    Jonathan’s Response: We have added more group study rooms during the last year. But I have to warn you; even those group study rooms can't be locked. Don't leave your stuff around; things have been stolen in the past.

  • More trainings merging technology with information, for ex: short-term, weekend workshops....for instance, how to do a power point.
    Jonathan’s Response: I have passed your comment on to IT.

  • The furniture in the 24 area is stained and uncomfortable, and it needs partitioning better to accommodate groups.  The furniture ("couch", bench seats, chairs) on the upper floors is outdated, uncomfortable and uninviting to study in.
    Jonathan’s Response: I agree about the old sofas. We are looking into ways to upgrade the furniture throughout the Library, most of which dates back to the opening of the building in 1985! If you know any generous donors send them my way.

  • As for online resources, it's not easy to do research when not on the Rollins network. A simple proxy link would be useful.
    Jonathan’s Response: For off campus access, I am afraid we are doing exactly that: we use EZProxy to provide access form off-campus. If you have problems, or find links that do not work, please contact Bill Svitavsky at bsvitavsky@rollins.edu, or Paul Gindlesperger at pgindlesperger@rollins.edu.

  • We desperately need the 18th-century Book online.
    Jonathan’s Response: As you know, I am not sure I would use the word 'desperate' to describe our need for Eighteenth Century Collections Online. The collection would cost us about $60,000 to buy and we just have not seen it as a high enough priority to warrant that kind of investment so far.

  • Overall, very good service. I wish we had even more access to humanities books and information, but as far as the sciences go, we have a good deal of helpful resources.
    Jonathan’s Response: Thanks for the nice comment. As for books in the humanities, we add about 3,000 books per year. If you have suggestions for titles that we should own, please send them along.

  • The main problem I have faced in the library is the lack of power outlets in the after hours lab.
    Jonathan’s Response: I feel your pain. When the Library was built and then expanded to incorporate the 24 Hour Area, everyone thought that what the students would need would be network jacks. Then came wireless networks and we found what you really want is power outlets. Where possible we are adding as many as we can. Me, I am anxiously waiting for wireless power. Whoever comes up with that will make a million!

  • I cannot understand why the study space of the students is continually being used up for things like the IT department. This is a college, where the focus is academic pursuit, and the 24 hour lab has been getting smaller and smaller and smaller since I first started at Rollins, when we were already cramped for space.
    Jonathan’s Response: In the last year we moved two IT staff people from the Bush Building to an office in the 24 Hour Area. This was unfortunate but necessary, and trust me, they are both doing work that is absolutely imperative for the academic work of students. We have also added more study rooms on the 1st and on the 3rd floor. I know it is not in the 24 Hour Area, but it should help.

  • It wouldn't hurt if some of the librarians could be more helpful and positive; I feel like some of them have attitudes and it's really disconcerting when I only have a simple question and they respond like it's a burden to answer. I don't appreciate that. I also think that there shouldn't be such a low limit on allowable print pages. A lot of us humanities majors often have to print tons of pages for research papers and even theses. Some of us, like myself, are scholarship students and can't afford to keep buying print pages; that's just ridiculous!
    Jonathan’s Response: Yikes! If you ever get any staff person making you feel like that, librarian or not, please let me know. We pride ourselves on 'exceptional services,' and I want to know if you are not getting it. E-mail me at jxmiller@rollins.edu. As for printing limits, each student is automatically assigned 1,000 pages per semester and can apply for more. I have passed your concern on to IT who manage the printing

  • The new site for the online resources is not very good. When you search a topic for an article it gives what seems like 4 of the same article and most of the time it says it’s available online and it is not.
    Jonathan’s Response: I think you are referring to R-search and you are confronting a problem librarians like to call 'deduplication' (you can use that word at cocktail parties and impress your friends!) The service indexes articles from multiple sources and some of those are duplicates. That is easy for a human, but actually very difficult for a computer, to recognize. The service has improved "de-duping:" considerably over the last couple of months and continues to work on it, give it another try and let me know what
    you think.

  • The schedule for when computer classes are being held in the computer lab on the main floor should be more accessible, therefore students won't try to come in and do their work when they aren't in that class.
    Jonathan’s Response: I have passed your comment on to IT.

  • Electronic resources available through the library have improved significantly over the past few years. While there are ongoing problems with the "Find it" button (i.e. indicates we have access, but there is actually no electronic journal access via our system), the librarians have been very courteous and helpful in assisting with these problems. Everyone should be congratulated for providing excellent service.
    Jonathan’s Response: I am glad to hear you have noticed the hard work that our personnel in Digital Services have put into improving access to electronic resources. As for the 'FindIt' button; that little button is actually trying to do some pretty complex work behind the scenes. We recognize that it is not perfect and are always looking for ways to improve it. Keep reporting problems. That is the only way we can get them fixed.

  • I would like to see the addition of more conference rooms with television/projector resources to work on group presentations.
    Jonathan’s Response: As we add more group study space we make every effort to add a flat screen monitor for exactly this reason.

  • In general, as a research-centered employee and a graduate student, I have always had good experiences in the library. However, I would like to see the JSTOR subscription enlarged to include more periodicals.
    I would also like to see the quiet areas expanded to the first floor/basement of the library, because, really, only TWO FLOORS of QUIET SPACE on this entire campus? Catering to "talkers" would seem to divert a library from its original mission, and it certainly discourages serious users.
    Jonathan’s Response: We pretty much buy all the appropriate content JSTOR puts up. Over the last few years we have expanded our access to fulltext journal articles considerably, not just through JSTOR. As for quiet space, you make a good point. As noted above we are considering accommodating those library users who require even more quiet space with a 'silent zone.' Stay tuned for developments.

  • The only thing I do not like about the Library is when you are trying to print in color. It does not let you print out multiple copies of something in color or else it will show in the screen that it will charge you for a certain amount. This is not helpful when you are trying to create fliers to put around the campus to promote an event your organization is putting together or to advertise something.
    Jonathan’s Response: I have passed your comment to IT for their information. But I have to ask, why are you expecting us to pay for your color printing? Have you seen how much Kinko's charges lately?

  • Sometimes I feel like the librarian at the reference desk is struggling to answer my questions. But I appreciate the effort. The search engine for books is less straightforward than ones I've used at other libraries. But these are minor complaints - overall, I think Olin is a very nice environment and I've gotten a lot done there.
    Jonathan’s Response: As one of those librarians who sometimes struggles to answer questions, I can tell you: you're probably right. Think about it, everyday people come to you and ask you any question under the sun, whether you know something about the topic or not. It stands to reason you will be stumped some of the time. At other times we may give the appearance of being stumped while we are helping you unpack your question and learn more about the information seeking process. After all, our ultimate aim is not just to give you the answer, but help you learn to answer questions yourselves. As for our search engine for books -- the library catalog -- I agree it is not as user friendly as it should be, and we are working on that.

  • I have yet to use the library during my time at Rollins (I finish in July). Resources are not adequately advertised or explained to Masters students.
    Jonathan’s Response: Yikes! How did we miss you? We have a librarian who works almost exclusively with MBA students like yourself.

  • My only displeasure with the library is the hours. It should be staffed by work study students 24/7 so that students can have access to it around the clock. The weekend hours are also too limited.
    Jonathan’s Response: Nice idea, but Rollins doesn't have enough work study students interested in working the graveyard shift in the library. When we do open 24/7 at exam time we pay Campus Safety Officers overtime, and that gets expensive.

  • Very inspiring place to do work, use computers and printers often.
    Jonathan’s Response: What a great word, "inspiring"! That is exactly how we want our users to feel.

  • I enrolled into Rollins as a non-degree seeking student until my Master's cohort starts in August 2010. I think it would be beneficial for students like me to have a library orientation even in a non-degree seeking status. I have had to utilize the library materials only by asking other students and trial and error. I think it would be beneficial to provide at least an online library tutorial for students to access who have not had a
    traditional orientation yet.
    Jonathan’s Response: What an interesting idea. We are definitely doing more with online assistance.  Check out our libguides at http://libguides.rollins.edu/index.php, or set up a time to talk to our business librarian, Dorothy Mays, dmays@rollins.edu.

  • I think the employees do a very good job. The current issues of electronic journals for business research is extremely limited.
    Jonathan’s Response: a quick search of our business online journals in fulltext shows we have more than 5,000 titles from accounting to real estate. Are you sure you are looking in the right places? Check out Dorothy's Business guide at http://libguides.rollins.edu/business for more ways to access business journals (and a lot more.)

  • I have to admit the staff is very good at the Olin Library.  I have no real complaints about any of them.  My only true complaint is that the library often does not have enough resources for writing research papers on certain specialized subjects.  For example, I could only find one book related to the economics of India, and it was well out of the date range I needed it for.  Our library needs a more expansive array of books to
    choose from for this reason.
    Jonathan’s Response: A keyword search of our catalog on <economics> and <india> retrieved 17 titles, seven published since 2005. This is just the bluntest way to search, a browse search of subject headings like <India--Economic Conditions-- 1947->, <India--Economic Policy>, or <India--Economic Conditions>, retrieve even more. Or a search of R-search, refined to just books finds 319 titles and expanded beyond our Library retrieves over 20,000. The moral of this story: ask a librarian, askolinlibrary@gmail.com.  We are here to help.