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Latin American and Latinx Studies Symposium

Feedback From 2021 LALAS Participants

2021 Symposium Feedback

I loved the sections about identity in arts, women in Latin American culture and society, and inspiration in the arts. The presentations in these sections were so interesting and the students who spoke were very well versed in their topics.

The diversity of content in the panel presentations.

The talks by talented and poised students.

I thought the moderators' experience and comments were very helpful in discussion leading and led to some very interesting and insightful discussions.

I really liked the interaction between presenters from different schools and stuff.

I enjoyed how each presenter was prepared and had thoughtful analysis of their presentation

As always, seeing all students flourish and share their interests.

The presentations were engaging and interesting.

Interacting with Dr. LaRosa!

Variety of panels and presentations

I really enjoyed the students' presentations. It was also interesting to learn about Gatherly, which was totally new to me.

Hearing from my peers in each session.

The platform allowed for a large amount of information to be shared in one day. It also allowed for students of different backgrounds to connect.

I really enjoyed my moderator and how helpful she was throughout the entire experience.

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