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Latin American and Latinx Studies Symposium

Feedback From 2019 LALAS Participants

"I loved hearing from students who applied their specialized fields of study to Latin American/Latinx issues and concepts. For instance, there were a few students who had double majors in Political Economy and Spanish that brought very interesting ideas to the symposium about economic challenges and phenomena in various Latinx countries. It was awesome to see so many students with several fields of study; this allowed for ideas with intersectional and well-informed backgrounds to be presented in a Latinx context - the level of education and understanding was high and felt very productive."

"Meeting other students who are so passionate in Latin American/Latinx studies was refreshing - I even met people from my own university who I had never seen before! The way the conference brought students together and created a discursive environment for us was incredible, I was very sad for it to end!"

"Listening to everyone's research and getting to talk with professors about Latin American politics."

"Everything was so well organized.
The students’ professionalism.
Their level of participation as a presenter and audience."

"I really enjoyed the quality of the presentations, but they were short enough that I got a little taste of knowledge.  This is a great symposium not just for experts but also for anyone with even a passing interest in world affairs."

"I found the keynote presentation to be the most interesting."

"I really enjoyed discussions with other student researchers as well as faculty. It was amazing to be in a space where so many students and professionals share similar academic as well as personal interest. I also found the keynote speaker a great addition to the event, as her area of work is pertinent to an ongoing political issue."

"Hearing student's research interests and connecting them with real world events."

"I enjoyed the organization of the panels, and I thought the pairings of topics was spot on! I also thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by the keynote speaker."

"Meeting the other students there!"

"I enjoyed the diversity of people and presentations."

"Seeing the research of my peers and being there to support them."

"The variety of discussion panels was phenomenal."

"Getting to see the variety of topics and interesting scholarly work."


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