Information Technology

Wireless Connectivity




  1. In the Wi-Fi menu in the top-right corner of the menu bar, select “FoxNet” from the drop-down list of networks. If Wi-Fi is off, “Turn Wi-Fi On” first.
  2. Enter your FoxID (without the and FoxID password. To save your login credentials, select “Remember This Network.” Click “OK” to continue.
  3. Accept the servers certificate (first-time authentication only), or Select “Continue” at prompt.
  4. You will be prompted for your computer password to make changes to your certificate trust settings. Enter your password, and click “Update Settings.”


  1. Open “Settings” from your Start Menu and select “Network & Internet.”
  2. Select “Rollins-Windows” and select “Connect.”
  3. A web browser will open and prompt you for your FoxID (without the and FoxID password, and select “Sign On.”
  4. The next screen will be the BYOD Welcome page. Read and select “Sign On.”
  5. Enter your device name and description (optional), and select “Continue.”
  6. A Windows Smart Screen will open, click “Run Anyway.”
  7. A User Access Control pop-up may ask for your Network Password. Enter your FoxID password and select “OK.”
  8. If you get a Security Warning prompt to install a GeoTrust certificate, select “Yes” to install. If prompted to delete a root certificate store, select “Yes.”
  9. Select “Exit” after Network Setup Assistant is complete and close the browser.
  10. Open the settings from the start menu and select “Network & Internet.”
  11. FoxNet will be selected, but will ask you to continue connecting. Select “Connect.”

iPhone IOS/Android

iPhone IOS:

  1. Open “Settings” on your iOS device.
  2. Select “Wi-Fi.” Your device will load available networks.
  3. Select “FoxNet.”
  4. When prompted for a username/password, enter your FoxID (without the and FoxID password.
  5. Select “Join” in upper-right-hand corner.
  6. You might get the following pop-up, “Could not scan for wireless networks.” Select “Dismiss.”
  7. Accept the servers certificate (first-time authentication only), or Select “Trust” at the prompt. Authentication will now be automatic.


  1. Select and Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
  2. Select FoxNet.
  3. A settings menu will pop-up. Your device may not require all included below:
    1. EAP method: PEAP Phase 2
    2. Authentication: None (if available) or (in drop-down) MSCHAPV2 CA
    3. Certificate: Unspecified
    4. Client Certificate: Unspecified
  4. Identity: FoxID (without
  5. Anonymous Identity: (leave blank)
  6. Password: FoxID password
  7. Accept the servers certificate (first-time authentication only), or Select “Continue” at the prompt. Authentication will now be automatic.

Misc Devices

Use the password R0llinsFiatLux! for networking devices that do not support using the FoxID for username.  Such as:  AppleTv, Kindles, Smart Tv’s.  (Please note the first vowel in Rollins is a zero)