Information Technology

Connecting Instructions

The Rollins Dropbox account was created to help accommodate situations where large files need to be shared with people outside of Rollins.  Please be aware that this account is shared and files stored in the Dropbox folder are accessible to anyone who has access to the account.  This account is for Rollins employees only.  Please do not share the login information to with anyone outside of Rollins.  Information on sharing files can be found below.


Go to  and login with the Rollins account.  Please Contact the Help Desk for the Rollins Dropbox credentials (username and password.) 407-646-2800 – 


Dropbox instructions for sharing files:

The Public folder lets you easily share single files in your Dropbox. Any file you put in this folder gets its own Internet link that you can share with others -- even non-Dropbox users!

Step 1:  Click on the Public Folder


Step 2:  Click on the Upload Button at the top right


Step 3: Right-Click on the file you uploaded and select “Copy public link” 


That's it! To share your file, just paste the link into an email or IM to a friend.

Happy Dropboxing!

P.S. You can only link to actual files within your Public folder, not to folders.  For help with sharing files visit

If you need help or have any questions, please call the Help Desk 407-628-6363.