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Information Technology


FoxLink is a one-stop collection of resources for Rollins faculty, staff, and students. This software application allows Rollins affiliates to more efficiently monitor many of the administrative aspects of their accounts via the World Wide Web.  FoxLink accounts are automatically created for members of the Rollins College community upon matriculation.  A few of the resources and capabilities available through FoxLink are:

  • Checking and printing of class schedules
  • Viewing and printing of term grades and academic transcripts
  • Monitoring financial aid and student payment accounts
  • Access to course resources such as a message board

FoxLink can be accessed using Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox (standard on all school computers). 

Forgot your Foxlink/email password? Reset Password


FoxID is your single sign-on for all aspects of the Rollins College network. This username and password will be used for Foxlink, email, and other secure databases.

Default FoxID Username/Password

All Rollins College faculty, staff, and students (including the College of Liberal Arts, Crummer, and Hamilton Holt) automatically receive a FoxID account upon matriculation. Listed below is an explanation of the default username and password for this account:

Username: All students will have a FoxID username equal to their email username. 

Password: Your password will be the same as your email password. If you have forgotten your password, fill out the online password reset request form to have your FoxID password reset. Please read and fill out this form carefully.

Common FoxLink Questions

How do I change my FoxID password?  
Answer: Login to Foxlink and click on "Change My Email / Fox ID password.

How do I check my grades using FoxLink? Answer

I am a current student, employee, or faculty member and cannot log into Foxlink. Why?
Answer: It is possible that your FoxID password has expired. Reset Your Password

I have changed my password, and it still won't let me log into Foxlink. Why?
Please contact the Helpdesk at 407-628-6363 for assistance with this issue.