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Banner 9

Rollins College Banner 9 Project

Welcome to the information page for Banner 9! Below you will find some helpful information and resources for the Banner 9 upgrade project. We welcome your feedback – suggestions for additional information are always considered. Send email to

What is Banner 9?

Glad you asked! Banner 9 is different from Banner 8 in a few ways:

1)     It’s written in something different – no more Oracle forms or Java on your desktop needed for Banner! It looks different, but the forms have mostly the same design. NOTE: For a period of time, Banner 8 and Banner 9 will BOTH be available in production. At some point, no later than December 31, 2018, Banner 8 will become unavailable.

2)     Searching and navigating – this is where the learning curve is fairly steep. We have training and resources below to help you get started. But practice, practice, practice!

3)     Naming conventions – INB is now called Administrative Pages, or Admin Pages.

4)     Logging in – you will now use your FoxID and password to log into Banner.

5)     New self-service applications – there are a number of new self-service applications in most modules. See below for a list. (Note: we may or may not implement them all, depending on usefulness for Rollins.)


We will offer some in-person training. Watch your email for more information.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Banner 9 Navigation – Online Video

Banner 9 Quick Reference Guide

Lots and lots of additional information – Ellucian Hub. You must self-register if you don’t already have an account.

Self-service Applications


The Registration app provides four key processes. You can choose to implement one or two areas of new functionality, or all new functionality. 

  • Registration Planning: Allows students and advisors to create planned registration schedules. Also integrates with Degree Works Student Educational Plan (SEP).
  • Block Registration: Allows students to self-select the block of classes they wish to attend. Admin users no longer have to register students into blocks.
  • Projected Registration: Leverages CAPP (or external API to another degree audit system) to generate a projected list of student courses for selection in the next registration term. 
  • Structured Registration: Students are guided through the selection of classes based on their academic program requirements.

Faculty Grade Entry and Academic History

Academic History and Faculty Grade Entry lets your faculty enter grades for class work assignments as well as post midterm, final, and incomplete grades—all from one location, from any device. Additionally, Faculty Grade Entry provides an updated UI for faculty grading including the ability to upload a spreadsheet of grades.

Attendance Tracking

The Attendance Tracking application allows faculty to quickly and easily enter attendance on a mobile phone, tablet, or webpage. Faculty can choose to mark those present or absent, and may also add details on time spent in class.

Student Advising Profile

Student Advising Profile offers a convenient single view of the most critical information necessary for students and advisors to make better academic decisions.  This application also integrates directly with Ellucian Degree Works for a complete advising solution.

Employee Profile

The Banner Employee Profile gives employees a consolidated view into their personal, employment, and job-related information. It provides managers with a comprehensive view of their team members with easy and efficient ways to complete the administrative tasks involved with supervising employees.

Event Management

The Event Management application provides tools to manage an event and its functions as well as enabling event registration in Self Service. With Event Management, you can monitor event registration, attendance, and participant information.

Position Description

With Human Resources Position Description, it becomes much simpler to manage the creation, editing, routing and approval of position descriptions for key stake holders like hiring managers and human resources staff.

My Requisitions (formerly Purchase Requisition)

My Requisitions (formerly Purchase Requisition) allows faster procurement of products and services with an intuitive user experience and dashboard to help manage requisition processing. This is now part of Finance Self-Service in Release 9.1.

Direct Deposit

Manage Direct Deposit provides an enhanced user experience to enter direct deposit information for both employees and students. Direct Deposit offers an intuitive future-proof user experience to enter bank account and routing information.

Communication Management

Banner now includes new features that will work across the Banner® by Ellucian enterprise. Communication Management is for transactional connections to your constituents using Banner data, such as financial aid award letters, or messages with reminders to register for classes or notification when tuition is past due. This new functionality in Banner adds another great tool to communicate with specific populations in the overall system.

My Finance Query

The all-new, thoughtfully designed Finance Self-Service has My Finance Query, My Finance Dashboard and My Requisitions (formerly Purchase Requisition) in Release 9.1.



Training/testing site available – now until Dec 22, 2017. 

Production available – January 8, 2018

Banner 8 turned off –  Summer 2018