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Office of Institutional Analytics

Institutional Survey Account - Qualtrics

Rollins College maintains an institutional survey account with Qualtrics to collect survey data and present the data in report format.

Rollins’ Qualtrics account is open to faculty, students, and staff for institutional purposes only. Please use your FoxLink credentials to access your account.

Rollins' Qualtrics is free to use and available if you would like to access, view, or use any of the data. Please observe the following guidelines to ensure the best use of the account. If you need technical assistance with Qualtrics, please consult the Qualtrics Help Page

  1. Social Security Numbers should never be used nor requested for any reason or purpose when creating surveys.
  2. The institution’s Qualtrics account should only be used for official Rollins College data collection (i.e., surveys should only be created and distributed for the benefit of the students’ education and/or College’s business). The account should not be used for surveying off-campus entities or by faculty, student, or staff conducting research studies that are not related to their bona fide relationship with Rollins College. Business use of the account is prohibited.  
  3. In using Qualtrics, users shall take the proper care and protection of personal and institutional data seriously and have a strong intent and commitment to abiding by federal, state, and College policies and laws which protect the confidentiality of records. (See FERPA and Data Security and Stewardship Policy.)
  4. If your surveys involve questions that are personal in nature, inquire about personal behaviors, or solicit personal feedback that is not anonymous, you must submit your survey to Rollins Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval prior to launching. (See the IRB website for more information.)
    • Under the College’s policies, students and employees have the right to confidentiality. Data collected should be used with complete anonymity unless the individuals responding to the survey are given explicit forewarning that personally identifiable information that is collected may be associated with their name and/or contact information.
  5. Users must agree to not share the Qualtrics user name or password with others. Rollins College reserves the right to close any survey account that is perceived as coming from a questionable user or one that should have been approved by IRB.