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International Student & Scholar Services

Planning Your Arrival

As you prepare your arrival to Rollins keep in mind the following information:
Passport to Rollins
Packing Information
Immunization Requirements
Money Information
Shipping Information
U.S. Immigration Processing
Arriving to Campus

Passport to Rollins

This document contains helpful information relating to the visa application process, health care, as well as orientation information. It is the best resource for general questions about Rollins experience as an international student.

Packing Information
Florida's climate is generally very hot and humid in the summer and mild to somewhat cold in the winter. We recommend bringing clothes for layering to best accommodate the day-to-day changes in weather. In fall and summer especially, students will want to carry a raincoat or umbrella as it often rains in the afternoon. 

Students may also want to bring items they use regularly that may not be readily available  in the United States - for example eyeglasses, cameras, watches, etc.  Students taking prescription medicine are recommended to come with at least a 1-month supply of the medicine.  We also recommend that students carry this with them in their carry-on luggage.

Generally, students who arrive in the United States will not be allowed to pass through customs with food, plants, items for resale, or alcoholic beverages (if they are under 21 years old). It is best to purchase electrical appliances after arrival, since appliances purchased outside the U.S. may not be compatible with the power supply here (120/240A/60 cycles).

Please click here for an extended list of suggested items from the Office of Residential Life.

Immunization requirements
Rollins College has specific immunization requirements for all students. Please go to the Health Services page and then click the Immunization Requirements tab for a list of required immunizations. 

Money Information
Tuition, fees, room, and board charges are due prior to the start of each semester. Specific due dates and payment plan option details can be found on the Office of Student Account Services. To avoid delays with adding/dropping classes, timely payments should be made. Payment may be made via the following methods:

  • personal check
  • credit card
  • eCheck or international payment via Flywire
  • monthly payment plan

Shipping Information
International students wishing to order and ship personal materials (bed linens, dorm supplies, etc.) to Rollins College may do so. Baggage may be shipped ahead addressed to yourself no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Central Receiving will hold all received packages until students' arrive on campus. Please be aware that there is no summer storage available on campus for dormitory residents. Your campus address is as follows:

Your Name
Rollins College (please hold for student name)
1000 Holt Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

U.S. Immigration and Processing
For more information on what to expect when you arrive into the United States. Please consult the following publications from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency:

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for International Visitors
Securing America's Borders: The CBP Screening Process

Arriving to Campus
College of Liberal Arts students living in Rollins Residence Halls will be sent information on where to arrive on campus when arriving for International Student Orientation. If you arrive after office hours, please report to Campus Security where you will be able to receive your keys in order to move-in to your residence hall.

If you will be arriving in Orlando earlier than the International Student Orientation move-in date, you will need to make hotel arrangements.  Please click here for recommended accommodations in the local area. If you will not be residing on-campus, please be sure to check the International Student Orientation page prior to your arrival for details of the time and location of your orientation program.

Transportation from the airport
After you clear immigration, your luggage will be inspected at Customs and you can then proceed to ground (local) transportation. It is best to have at least $200 in U.S. currency to pay for transportation and initial expenses. 

The most convenient method of transportation from Orlando International Airport to Rollins is taxi.  Below are the available taxi companies providing service:

Taxi Company
Phone Number
Estimated Price to Rollins
Yellow/City Cab
(407) 422-2222
Diamond Cab Company
(407) 523-3333
Star Taxi
(407) 857-9999
Ace Metro/Luxury Cab    
(407) 855-1111
Car Service
Town & Country Transport
(407) 828-3036
Standard Transportation Inc.
(407) 721-8013