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Academic Training

Academic Training is a form of work authorization available to students studying under the J-1 visa. Visit our Social Security Numbers page for more information.

Academic Training

J-1 Student Academic Training

Academic Training is authorized to J-1 students for employment that is related to their field of study and is integral to their academic objective.  Academic training must be a direct application of coursework or research to a professional position in the student’s field of study.  The academic advisor must evaluate an academic training request as connected to the student’s major field of study.  Academic training may be on- or off-campus employment.

The OISSS reviews academic training applications very carefully.  The fact that the employment is in a related field is not sufficient for it to qualify as academic training; the work must be integral to the academic program and have a clear academic objective.

When to do Academic Training

Academic training may be pursued while studying (pre-completion) or immediately after completion of studies (post-completion).  Rollins College policy states that students on exchange programs may be eligible for Academic Training after they have completed at least one semester of study at Rollins. Students must apply for post-completion academic training within 30 days of completing your studies or before your current DS-2019 expires, whichever comes first.  Students may work part- or full-time during post-completion academic training.

Length of Academic Training

The length of time for which a student can be authorized for Academic Training depends on the length of the J-1 status.  Students are eligible for Academic Training equal to the length of the J-1 program, not to exceed 18 months.  Every month that a student is authorized is deducted as a month used, whether the permission is part-time, full-time, or unused.

Securing employment for Academic Training

Academic Training is employer-specific.  This means that students are required to have received an offer of employment before the OISSS can issue authorization.  The Center for Career & Life Planning or the Crummer Career Resource Center can assist students in their job search.

Application requirements

The following documents must be submitted to the OISSS to receive authorization:

1. Academic Training Approval Form completed by you, your Career advisor, and faculty advisor.
2. Provide Statement of Purpose stating an academic objective and an explanation of how this internship is related to your program of study.
3. A job description from Handshake attached to Academic Training Employment Recommendation form.  If internship is not listed on Handshake, an approval form must be submitted and approved by the Center for Career & Life Planning or the Crummer Career Resource Center and a copy attached.

If your application is approved, the OISSS will issue a new Form DS-2019.  If an extension of J-1 status is needed, it will be the new DS-2019 will be reflect the extension.

Insurance Requirement

For the duration of J-1 status, the U.S. government requires that students maintain health insurance coverage at the levels set by the government.  This is true even if students are no longer enrolled at Rollins.  Students are responsibility to ensure that their insurance is valid for the duration of their Academic Training.

International Travel and Academic Training

Travel during this time can be complicated, especially if the J-1 visa has expired.  Students should meet with an advisor to discuss the details of any travel plans.