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International Student & Scholar Services

FAQs for Employers

FAQ for On-Campus Employers

  • Our department currently employs an international student or scholar. Can the student or scholar work remotely?  Yes, the Department of Homeland Security has made an exception to allow for international students to work remotely.  Scholars can coordinate their work requirements with their departments.  As long as their program objective is being met, they may work remotely.  Departments should consult with HR and Teresa Williams regarding potential tax implications if the student or scholar is performing work duties while outside the U.S.
  • Our department wants to hire an international student for the summer.  Is that possible?  Departments should work with the Center for Career & Life Planning for guidance on the hiring process.  International students who have been issued an I-20 from Rollins are authorized to work on campus.  If a student does not already have a Social Security Number, they may have to postpone the start of employment until the Social Security Administration resumes in-person services for SSN applications