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The International Realtions faculty is made of professors from the Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, and Modern & Foreign Languages & Literatures. Learn more about some of our faculty below or visit the contributing department websites for more information.

Program Director

Dr. Mike Gunter
Cornell Social Sciences Building - Room 212
Visit WebsiteDr. Mike Gunter is an author and speaker on global environmental affairs as well as award-winning professor and international relations director at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. Named a Cornell Distinguished Faculty and Arthur Vining Davis Fellow at Rollins, Gunter served in 2007 as a U.S. State Department distinguished Fulbright Scholar in the Slovak Republic. He has over 40 popular and academic publications to his credit, including his first book, Building the Next Ark: How NGOs Work to Protect Biodiversity (2004/2006). That work, published with Dartmouth College and University Press of New England, examines environmental interest groups and their efforts towards species protection. His current project, rooted in interviews with scientists and tourists on all seven continents, is Tales of an Ecotourist: What Travel to Wild Places Teaches Us About Climate Change.

International Relations Faculty

Joan Davison
Professor of Political Science

Dr. Joan Davison currently serves as Chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the College of Liberal Arts Faculty, a member of the Executive Committee of the College, a member of the Executive Council of the College, and NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. In May 2011 she was awarded a three-year appointment as a Cornell Distinguished Faculty Member. In fall 2012, Professor Davison taught a linked course for first-year students in the Rollins Conference which also fulfilled the general education ‘Values’ requirement. She advised 29 students and offered an intersession course. Dr. Davison generally teaches courses in the international and comparative politics subfields, and in fall 2012 also taught a Political Science Senior Seminar, “Politics and Religion.” Her research currently focuses upon ethnoreligious identity and politics in Bosnia Herzegovina. She recently published “What Matters to Social Democratic Party Voters? Liberal and Economic Interests trump Ethnoreligious Identity in Bosnia Hercegovina,” Civis 2 (2013), “The Beauty and the Beast: Civil Society and Nationalisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” with Jesenko Tesan, Southwestern Journal of International Studies 4 (2011) 24-52; and “Whither or Wither: Disaffection, Intransigence and Democratization in Bosnia and Hercegovina,” Balkanistica 24 (2011) 87-106. Forthcoming 2013 is her book chapter, “The Left’s Attraction amidst Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Nationalist Politics,” in Left and Right: The Great Dichotomy Revisited.

Eren Tatari
Assistant Professor of Political Science
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PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington

Dr. Eren Tatari is an Assistant Professor teaching courses on Comparative Politics, Middle East Politics, Muslims in Western Politics, Research Methods, and Islam and Politics courses. She specializes in ethnic and religious minorities in the U.S. and Western Europe, Middle East politics, democratic theory and minority rights, politics and religion, women in Islam, gender politics, and intersectionality. Her recent publications include Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern Age (Tughra Publications, 2012) and Muslims in British Local Government: Representing Minority Interests in Hackney, Newham, and Tower Hamlets (BRILL, 2014).

Faculty Highlights

Read more about International Relations faculty and their adventures beyond the Rollins campus.
Dr. Rachel Newcomb

Dr. Rachel Newcomb, associate professor of anthropology, awarded Fulbright Scholars award to Morocco.

Dr. Tom Lairson
Dr. Tom Lairson, Ronald G. and N. Jayne Gelbman Professor of International Business and professor of political science, has been selected to receive a Fulbright Scholar award for teaching and research in Singapore.
Dr. Dexter Boniface

Dr. Dexter Boniface, associate professor of political science and Weddell Professor of the Americas, was a recent visiting research fellow at the Center for Inter-American Studies and Programs (CEPI) at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City.

During his nine-month stay in Mexico, he conducted research on democratic stability and regional governance in contemporary Latin America. Boniface recently published “Multilateralismo latinoamericano: La perspective desde Estados Unidos” (Latin American multilateralism: The U.S. Perspective) in Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, the Spanish-language version of Foreign Affairs. In addition to his contributions to the political science department Boniface is director of the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program at Rollins. He has lived and studied in Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Dr. Dan Chong

Dr. Dan Chong, assistant professor of political science, led a field study in Guatemala. Learn More

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