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Office of International Programs

Virtual Programs and Internships

Check out these exciting opportunities for virtual global programs and remote global internships available through our partners!

We have worked with these organizations for many years and we know they offer high-quality study abroad programs. While virtual programs are different, we trust these organizations to make these experiences as meaningful as possible. For internships specifically, these are organizations with lots of experience managing internships and with diverse networks of internship placement organizations abroad. You will also have support and mentorship from program staff which will help you manage any challenges with the remote working model. For other virtual programs, you will be learning from faculty and staff based outside the US and will gain a global perspective on the program topics. 

A word on time zone differences: since all these programs will involve connecting with people in other parts of the world, expect to have regular meetings/sessions etc. in the early morning and evening hours. Your ongoing work, however, will generally be on your own schedule.

Please note that all credits on these programs will be accepted by Rollins as transfer credits.  You will need departmental approval to fulfill major or minor requirements.  IP staff will help you with the transfer credit approval process so please let Katie Alonso know if you decide to apply:

The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) is a unique organization doing a range of community development work in Uganda in partnership with Ugandan locals. Their mission is: Listen, Think, Act. They are offering a Global Scholars Fellowship program: an intensive, non-credit-bearing academic experience. Students will engage with GLI staff in Uganda and connect with Ugandan experts and people working in community development and related fields in East Africa. Students will also conduct group research projects related to GLI’s work in Uganda—these will be based on students interests and experience and may include improved long-term public health strategies for a rural community responding to COVID-19 Pandemic, implementation plan/strategy for improved Early Childhood Education programs with focus on literacy, how to improve Hospitality systems/practices for a Ugandan Hotel/Community Center, a deep dive into sustainability (agriculture & solar) system and research in East Africa and advising local partners on best practices for the future or assessing the replicability of GLI's Public Health Music Festival in other communities/countries. Students will have 25-30 contact hours plus additional individual work.

The next cohort of the Global Scholars Fellowship Program is taking place from July 13th - August 14th, 2020The program will feature weekly lecture series and discussions with key community development leaders from US & East Africa; involvement in collaborative research projects focused on several community development sectors; and remote mentoring/advisory support from the GLI team! Each cohort is open to up to 50 spots for undergraduate & graduate students and also open to recent college graduates.

Global Cities Programs: Different courses available online in a range of topics related to the global cities where CAPA has program staff and faculty: Buenos Aires, Dublin, London, Barcelona, Florence and Sydney. Take 1, 2 or 3 courses. Can mix and match courses from different cities to create a comparative experience. Each course is 3 credits.

  • Apply by 5/12 for the 4-week option or 6/6 for the 6-week option
  • 6 weeks from July 6-August 13, or 4 weeks from May 26-June 19 (London only)
  • $750 per course

Wrongful Conviction and Global Health: virtual courses focused on these specific topics with experts engaged in these areas in the UK and the US. Take 1 or 2 courses on the topic and each course is 3 credits.

  • Apply by 5/12
  • 4 weeks from May 26-June 19
  • $750 per course

CAPA remote internships: Placements available in variety of fields including business, PR, advertising, education, marketing, communications, healthcare, game design and development, web design and more. Placements available in Buenos Aires, Dublin, London, Barcelona, Florence and Sydney.
You will be matched with the best placement for YOU based on your experience and goals—can be matched with a placement in any location so there is a lot of flexibility to match you with the best placement. You will work 120 hours at your placement (20 hours per week) and complete additional assignments for the 3-credit accompanying internship course.

  • Apply by June 6, 6 weeks in July/August
  • 6 weeks from July 6-August 13
  • $1250
For more information and to apply (please notify Katie Alonso in IP that you are applying):

The School for International Training (SIT) is offering Virtual Global Internships:

This virtual five credit internship program will place students with partner organizations in five global locations for an immersive virtual experience.

  • Apply by 6/1
  • Program fees range from $1,000-$2,000 depending on program
  • 5 credits
  • 4 weeks - program dates vary by program but run sometime between mid-June - August
  • Please note that Rollins does NOT recommend participating in travel-based programs at this time, only virtual internships.

For more information and to apply: Please notify Katie Alonso in IP that you are applying.

Individual placements: Interns will be placed with companies/organizations in UK, Spain, or across Asia (including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and more). You will complete 200 hours of work (25 hours per week) plus additional hours for the accompanying internship course worth 6 credits.  A variety of fields are available including marketing and communications, business and finance, environmentalism and sustainability, NGO/non-profit, tourism, law, software/data science, graphic design, and more.

Group projects with an Australian company: you will be assigned to a group with other US institution student interns and you will collaborate on a project for the company. More limited placement options including finance, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and software/computer science. You can opt for a 4-week project, which is 100 hours of work plus the coursework for a 3-credit accompanying internship course, or an 8-week project, which is 200 hours of work plus the coursework for a 6-credit accompanying internship course.

  • Apply by May 1
  • 4-weeks from June 12-July 10 or 8 weeks from June 15 to August 7.
  • Costs are $1875 for 4-week group projects, $2025 for 8-week group projects, and $2450 for 8-week individual placements.

ISA has added a second program term for Group Placement options.

  • Application Deadline: June 1
  • 3 credits
  • 4-weeks from July 13 - August 7, 25 hours/week
  • Cost: $1875

For more information and to apply: and  Note that TEAN and ISA have slightly different placement fields available so you may want to look at both options.  Please notify Katie Alonso in IP that you are applying.

This 6-week virtual program (July 1 – August 12) will draw on IAU's expertise in experiential-based learning while taking advantage of our wide network of professional contacts in France, Spain, Morocco, and beyond. Students will choose from academic courses, global internships, consulting projects, and social impact practicums to customize their summer virtual experience. Students may choose from the following:

  • Consulting ProjectsIn this course, students apply the core elements of organizational consulting to real-life scenarios across a variety of industries. A large part of the course contains an industry-specific consulting project led by a professor in partnership with international organizations, where students work in groups to create a solution to present to the organization through a virtual professional presentation. 
  • Social Impact Practicums - Experiential Learning ProjectsThe Virtual Social Impact Practicums: Experiential Learning Projects are academic courses that have an experiential learning project component. These project-based courses are offered within specific academic fields where students apply the skills they have learned to real-world problems and scenarios in partnership with international organizations and IAU community partners. For example, the Diplomacy Social Impact Practicum students will be presenting proposals to active US diplomats on how to confront current foreign policy challenge, and the students enrolled in the on Islamic Art and Museum Educational Programming Practicum will study local museums and create their own program for use in the local museum educational system (to be presented to museum administration).  All course descriptions can be found on their website here.
  • Academic CoursesAs part of the Virtual Experiences Program, IAU is offering several virtual courses in a variety of academic disciplines including anthropology, art, art history, business, communication studies, French, history, international relations, museum studies, political science, psychology, Spanish, and more.

 More information about these opportunities can be found on their Virtual Experiences for Summer 2020 webpage.

 Calendar:  The 6-week virtual program takes place from July 1 - August 12, 2020.

Application Deadlines: To apply, students may visit, click “Apply Now” at the top of the page, and follow the prompts.

  • Priority Deadline: June 1 (for students interested in internships/consulting projects)
  • Final Deadline: June 15

Program Cost:  The cost of the program will depend on the number of units in which students decide to enroll during this 6-week program:

  • 3 units: $1,250 (Internship, Consulting Project, Social Impact Practicum or Course)
  • 6 units: $1,800 (Combination of Internship, Consulting Project, Social Impact Practicums, and Courses)

Although these programs are priced reasonably, we know you may still be interested in funding opportunities.