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Office of International Programs

Program Costs

If you remember one thing about program costs, remember this: program costs vary! Make sure you understand what costs are covered and what additional costs you will incur regardless of which program you choose.

Rollins Approved Semester Programs

For these programs students will be billed a flat fee EQUIVALENT to standard Rollins tuition and double room. Meal costs vary by program and are listed on each program page. For all programs this total amount directly covers tuition, accommodation, orientation, included program activities and excursions, emergency insurance and program administration here at Rollins College and abroad. For further details about what is covered program by program, refer to the specific program webpages.

Rollins Approved Summer Programs and Field Studies

The price typically includes tuition, emergency insurance, accommodation, meals (all or some), on-site transportation, and activities and excursions; however, each program is different and you must refer to program details to determine exactly what costs are covered and what additional costs you may incur. 

Holt Students participating in a College of Liberal Arts Field Study course pay the same program price as CLA students. Holt students participating in Holt field study courses must pay a trip fee covering the costs of the travel, and the Holt per-credit tuition for the accompanying course.

Non-Rollins Programs

Students who participate in a Non-Rollins program will pay Rollins a non-refundable administrative fee. The fee is $75 for summer and intersession programs, and $750 for semester programs. The fee covers advising and assistance provided by International Programs and other offices on campus, emergency insurance, and the transfer and review of credits. In addition, students on an independent program will pay all of the program costs directly to their host university and/or provider.

Other Costs

On all programs, you will encounter additional costs that may include visa, books, laundry, personal hygiene products, entertainment and recreation, weekend trips, souvenirs, other personal expenses, or extended travel during breaks or after the term.  Additional costs can vary widely depending on the location of your study abroad program, the cost of living there, the current exchange rate and other factors. We strongly recommend that you plan ahead for the additional costs associated with study abroad.  


There is a $30 application fee for study abroad. This fee covers the expenses associated the online application system. Once you start the RIPA process, you will be automatically charged this fee. DO NOT BEGIN YOUR APPLICATION UNTIL YOU ARE TRULY READY TO APPLY!
All charges and discounts for semester study abroad programs will be applied to your regular tuition bill. Field Study and Summer program charges are applied to your student account in November for winter and spring break programs, and in March for summer programs.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

After a student is accepted into a Rollins Approved Summer/Semester or Field Study program, the following Refund and Cancellation Policy goes into effect: "Payment of all program fees and tuition must be made by the communicated deadline. These funds are used to complete the arrangements for the participants and to operate the program. International Programs will retain $500 in all cases of withdrawal; beyond that, we will retain all non-recoverable expenses IP has committed to and/or incurred on the student’s behalf; any unused portions of the program payments will be returned to the student. Should the program be canceled due to circumstances at Rollins College and/or a decision made by Rollins College and International Programs, the Office of International Programs will make every attempt to recuperate all possible funds on behalf of the students. However, there is no guarantee that all funds can be recovered. If a student has received scholarship through International Programs for participation in a Rollins or Rollins approved study away program, the scholarship will be rescinded."

Tuition Remission

Tuition remission is available for dependents of Rollins faculty and staff. Students who receive tuition remission at Rollins may apply that remission to one (1) Rollins study abroad program during their academic career at the College. Tuition remission can be applied to any Rollins Approved Semester, Approved Summer program, or any Rollins Field Study. For Approved Semester Programs, tuition remission applies to the full Rollins College tuition charge less any funding from the Florida Resident Access Grant. For Approved Summer programs, tuition charges range from $600 to $3,000 depending on the program. For Field Studies, tuition remission applies only to the embedded Course Credit and Administrative Fee, which ranges from $400-$800 depending on the number of credits earned on a specific Field Study. Rollins students receiving tuition remission at the College may participate in multiple study abroad programs, however, the actual tuition remission can only be applied to one study abroad program. For example, if a student receiving tuition remission plans to participate in one field study and one semester program during their time at Rollins, tuition remission will only apply to one (1) of those programs. It is in the student’s best interest to apply tuition remission to the program with the highest amount of tuition--in this case, the semester program.