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Office of International Programs

Financial Aid

If you receive financial aid and/or academic or athletic scholarships, make an appointment to meet with a counselor in Student Financial Aid to confirm what aid you will receive for your off-campus study program.

Approved Semester Programs

Most of the aid and scholarships you receive from Rollins will transfer directly to your study abroad program. The only exceptions are work study programs, athletic grants, and merit scholarships offered by academic departments, which may not be able to be applied to a study abroad program. It is sometimes possible to take on additional loans, particularly parent loans, in order to supplement the cost of study abroad.  Students who wish to participate in two Approved Semester Programs can only apply Rollins scholarships and grants to both programs if one of the two programs is an exchange program.  If both semester programs are not exchange, the student may still participate and earn credits, but Rollins scholarships and institutional aid will not apply to the program costs, though Federal and State Financial Aid will still apply.

Field Study and Approved Summer Programs

There is typically limited financial aid available for Rollins Approved summer and field study programs. If you are participating in a Rollins Approved short-term program for six credits or more, you may be eligible for additional Pell Grant funds or parent loans—speak with a counselor at the Financial Aid office to find out more.

Non-Rollins Programs

If you participate in a non-Rollins semester, summer or short-term program, you will NOT be able to apply your financial aid or institutional scholarships to the costs of the program.

Financial Aid and Credits:

You may need to be enrolled in a certain number of credits for all your aid and scholarships to apply. Many students take fewer total credits while abroad, and this can affect your financial aid amounts as well. If you drop a course once you are abroad, you MUST let the Financial Aid office know. In addition, if you receive financial aid through the state of Florida Bright Futures program, you must complete all your courses in order to receive your allotted aid.