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Institutional Review Board

Submit A Proposal

Follow these steps to submit a research proposal for IRB review.

  1. Download the proposal form as an editable PDF or a Word Document
  2. Save it under a unique filename (e.g., MyPropsalFall2010.pdf or LastNameProposal2015.doc)
  3. Fill out the form (form contents can be saved so it is not necessary to finish filling in one session)
  4. Email the form to the Acting IRB Chair Juan Guevara Pinto

Response times vary depending on the level of risk involved in the proposal (see form for details). The Chair of the IRB invites email queries and will contact you if information is lacking or unclear. Providing complete and clear responses on the form is the best way to ensure rapid feedback.

Rollins Faculty may want to download this guide for IRB proposal submission.