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Workers' Compensation

Learn more about workers' compensation, including reporting on-the-job injury procedures and your rights and responsibilities as an employee.


Workers' Compensation is intended to protect employees against loss of income or losses of employment when they are necessarily absent from work because of an on-the-job injury or illness. It is essential that you report any job-related accident immediately to your supervisor and Campus Safety. Failure to do so could mean a loss of benefits. A Campus Safety Statement Form must be completed immediately after an occupational accident or illness.

We strive to treat all injured employees with dignity and respect. We work with employees, supervisors, claim specialists and rehabilitation specialists to ensure employees' quick recovery and return to work. We strive to reduce costs through accident prevention, training, job modifications and early return to work for employees. We follow the laws of the State of Florida and to ensure that all parties are treated fairly.

Below are the steps needed to be taken by supervisors and employees to ensure that on-the-job injuries are reported promptly, that injured employees receive medical attention as soon as possible and that the paperwork flow for claims filing is handled appropriately.

Travelers Insurance Claim Management

Travelers has designed a specialized website for injured employees to support them through the Workers Compensation claim process. It provides the tools and resources injured employees need to get back on their feet quickly. By logging on to, injured workers will tap into an online resource center that:

  • Provides access to claim status and claim payment information
  • Includes a multimedia overview of the Workers Compensation process to clearly inform injured employees of their rights and responsibilities
  • Provides online support to answer your employees’ questions
  • Provides access to most common state forms needed to expedite Workers Compensation claim reporting
  • Is available in English and Spanish
Rollins College reports work-related injuries to Travelers Insurance. A claim number and adjuster will be assigned to your claim.  If you have questions, please contact a Travelers claims professional at 1-800-252-4633.

Contact Information:
  • Rollins College Human Resources: 407-646-2102
  • Rollins College HR Fax Number: 407-646-2188
  • Lauren Mickler, Assistant Director, Benefits and Wellbeing: 407-691-1036 or
  • Travelers Insurance: 800-842-6771                                                 
  • Travelers Fax Number: 877-266-1419
  • Travelers Workers’ Compensation Resources:
  • HealthEsystems Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM):

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Employee's Rights & Responsibilities

  1. Except for medical emergencies employees must receive initial treatment for their work-related injury from a physicians(s), clinic(s) or facility authorized by the College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier has contracted with a preferred provider and pharmacy networks to provide superior and prompt service to injured employees.
  2. If an employee is referred to a specialist for treatment, the employee will be required to seek authorization from the worker’s compensation insurance carrier. The worker’s compensation insurance carrier will authorize all hospital admissions, surgeries, physician visits, and other necessary medical care in accordance with the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act. If a service is not authorized it may not be covered under the employers’ workers’ compensation policy.
  3. Employees are required to return the Florida Workers' Compensation Uniform Medical Treatment/Status Reporting Form (DWC-25 Form) and report their follow-up treatment plan to their supervisor and Human Resources promptly.
  4. Employees are required to keep all follow-up appointments.
  5. Prescriptions may be filled at any local pharmacy. Employees will receive a Pharmacy Prescription Fill Form from Campus Safety.
  6. Employees are required to advise their Supervisor and Human Resources of any missed work time due to injury.
  7. Campus Safety in conjunction with Human Resources will investigate the injury.
  8. The College provides light duty work; normal duties may be modified to accommodate an employee's condition and that any such modifications will be consistent with any applicable legal medical requirements.
  9. Time lost due to a work-related injury will be covered at 66 2/3% as follows: first seven (7) calendar days are not reimbursed until after the person has been out 21 calendar days. The eighth (8) calendar day and beyond will be paid after the fact on a bi-weekly basis. Employees may use PTO or may choose unpaid leave under FMLA during the first week (5 working days) of absence from work due to a work-related injury, but thereafter will be limited to payments under worker's compensation.
  10. As per 440.13(2)(f) an employee is entitled to a one time change in physician during the course of treatment for one date of the accident.
  11. After an employee has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), they will be required to pay $10 co-payment for any additional treatment(s) related to the work-related injury.

For questions or concerns regarding work-related injuries or illnesses, please contact Human Resources at or 407-646-2102.