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Through its mission, Rollins College is committed to creating a just, inclusive community that embraces multiculturalism; persons of color and other historically under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

Building a Successful, More Inclusive Search

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Philosophy

It is the policy of Rollins College to hire and promote individuals solely on the basis of their job-related qualifications. Accordingly, the College prohibits discrimination in the hiring process on the basis of sex, disability, race, age, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, physical characteristics, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law.

Rollins College is committed to attracting and engaging a high performing, diverse workforce. To facilitate achievement of our talent acquisition philosophy, we apply the following design objectives:

  • Enable strategic talent delivery and optimization of talent investment.
  • Attract, develop and retain key talent for current and future organizational needs. The College seeks individuals whose core behaviors exemplify Service Excellence, Diversity & Inclusion and its relevance and importance in fulfilling the Rollins College mission.
  • Continually extend and support a diverse workforce that creates equal opportunities for underrepresented groups. The College seeks individuals whose core behaviors contribute to, help foster, and sustain a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment.
  • Fill positions with highly qualified talent based on job-related factors including work experience, applicable education, knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Provide opportunity for internal mobility for qualified candidates to build strong institutional capacity. o Create positive candidate experiences throughout the entire recruitment process.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Talent acquisition and recruitment is the mutual responsibility of the hiring department in which the position exists and Human Resources. Departments know their own operations best and the type and level of talent they need both now and in the future.
  • Human Resources brings expertise in organizational and position design, position-related qualifications, sourcing strategies, assessment and selection techniques, compensation and offers to candidates.
  • The extent of involvement by Human Resources in the screening and interviewing of candidates will be made on a case- by-case basis in consultation between the hiring manager and the Talent Management staff member assigned to support the search.

How Do I Start Recruitment Process?

  1. The requesting hiring manager must complete the following information and forward to their Vice President:
    • Employment Request Form (ERF) with current position information, proposed position information, position salary budget and fringe benefit costs.
    • Justification and reasons for filling a vacant staff position.
    • Current job description with the job duties and qualification requirements. 
  2. The Vice President will present the vacant staff request to the President's Cabinet for review and approval.
  3. If the staff position is approved by the President's Cabinet, the requesting hiring manager and Human Resources Department will be notified to start the recruitment process.

Service Excellence Toolkit

As we aspire to achieve higher levels of excellence and strategically market Rollins’ unique value, our success will ultimately depend on how effectively we can deliver on the promise of a distinctive, transformative, and engaged learning experience that is truly exceptional and unique.

Service excellence will continue to play an important role in our overall success; to this end, the College adopted a service philosophy and service standards to help delineate what we consider important as we engage in our work and with each other, as colleagues, to deliver a seamless service experience to our students and customers. We encourage you to review the philosophy and standards on the Service Excellence website.

As Rollins’ success depends on its employees’ ability to create and deliver an exceptional learning experience, hiring the right people is critical to this mission.  This toolkit has been designed to give hiring managers an instrument to identify star applicants whose core behaviors exemplify our commitment to service excellence.  

Contained in this toolkit, the hiring manager will find the following resources:  

We understand that the hiring process can be long and often difficult.  We hope you will utilize this toolkit in your hiring process and that it will ensure that you are more likely to ultimately hire an individual who is service oriented.  


Rollins College Service Excellence Committee

Hiring Manager Onboarding Toolkit

Congratulations! Now that you have selected the best candidate, onboarding is a great opportunity to make a continued positive impression and to introduce your new employee to the wonderful traditions, history, and culture of the Rollins community.

We are happy to provide you with this guide to assist you through the process of onboarding your new employee. Onboarding is a shared responsibility with activities managed by you, your department/team and the Human Resources Department.  The goal is to help the new employee become productive as efficiently as possible and to reinforce the employee’s decision to join our community.

An excellent onboarding process takes time. This includes more than the initial orientation and welcome to the team, but is designed as an ongoing process involving continuous feedback and dialog.  As part of the onboarding process, you should set goals and discuss service excellence standards within your new employee's first week. Since the first 90 days are particularly critical in determining individual and organizational success, a 90-day evaluation should be completed.  

Effective onboarding will result in a shorter learning curve for new hires, improved communications and a more productive and engaged workforce. Why is it important? National statistics show that an employee’s first week and months on the job are a critical opportunity to begin building successful working relationships. According to the Wynhurst Group, a certified consulting organization focused on organizational development and talent management programs:  

  • 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment.
  • New employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after 3 years.
  • The cost of losing an employee in the first year is estimated to be at least 3 times salary.

Please take this opportunity to set goals and expectations, provide training and introduce your new employee to others who will play a role in their professional development and success in their new position.  

We encourage you to use this website as a resource to guide you through the process of onboarding your new employee through their first year of employment. We are confident you will find value in its contents. However, we welcome your feedback to improve the Rollins onboarding process at any time.

Onboarding Checklist For Supervisors