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Performance Management

Everything you need to know to use Reviewsnap, Rollins' new web-based performance management system.

Rollins now utilizes a web-based performance management system called Reviewsnap to facilitate staff performance planning and appraisal. The Reviewsnap system has many features designed to help facilitate performance communication, planning, goal management, feedback, and year-end appraisal as a holistic, year-round performance management process.

Reviewsnap Features

Performance Journals enable staff and their managers to collaborate in a shared online space and record feedback, accomplishments, kudos, challenges, etc., as they occur throughout the year so that at review time a full year of performance data is readily accessible by both parties, thus lessening the chance that the review will be skewed by more recent performance. As entries are made into the journals by one party (staff member or manager) the system triggers email notifications to alert the other party regarding the entry so that the information can be viewed in real time. Entries into the journals can also be marked private if either party wishes to make the entry for personal reference purposes only. In addition to text entries, documents can also be uploaded into the journals.

Integrated Goal Management Tools enable staff and their managers to create a set of goals for the annual review period, and track progress toward completion using the goal tracking features of the system. Both the staff member and manager have access to the employee’s goal set to create, amend, and track goal progress for a given annual review period. Additions or changes made to the goal set by the staff member are subject to acceptance/approval by the manager. The manager may also “lock in” goals that have been approved so that no further changes can be made. Whenever changes are made to the goal set by the staff member or the manager, the other receives an email notification that a goal has been added or changed, or that progress tracking status changes have been made. Also, when goals are created, a box can be checked that will cause the goal to automatically roll forward into the following year’s goal set. This feature is very useful for managing and tracking progress toward goals that cross annual evaluation periods. Once the goal set is defined for an active review cycle, the goal set and progress settings will automatically roll into the year-end performance review at review time and permit the supervisor to rate the staff member on progress toward meeting the goals.

Cascading Goals enable a department or division head to create department level goals and “cascade” them down into every employee’s goal set. So while staff members and their managers will define goals applicable to the individual staff member’s role, a department or division head can ensure that there is also integration of individual goals with higher level department/division goals.

Configurable Performance Review Templates enable the HR Department to develop customized review templates that meet the unique requirements of different departments and job roles on campus. While all staff are evaluated against the College’s service standards of Responsive, Respectful, Collaborative and Competent, the system offers the flexibility to adapt templates to meet different operating needs and requirements.

Electronic Notifications, Routing and Approvals enable communication and the efficient electronic routing, approval and storage of performance reviews and other performance information.

360 Degree Feedback functionality enables managers to efficiently request performance feedback from a staff member’s peers, customers, direct reports and other constituents to aid them in the performance review and feedback process (this functionality will not be activated for 2013).

Historical Record Keeping enables staff and their managers to quickly access a complete history of performance at the click of a mouse.

Accessing the Reviewsnap System

The system is accessible through the R-Net campus logins portal, just like Foxlink, TimeClock Plus, Blackboard, etc., using your FoxID and password. Users may also access the system directly at