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Staff Development Day

Explore the educational sessions that will be offered during Staff Development Day on May 24, 2018. Questions? Email Miranda Jung for more information.

8:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Sessions

“Life is for Service” – Morning of service with Killarney Elementary School

Presenter: Meredith Hein, Leadership & Community Engagement
Location: Meet bus in front of CFAM Museum at 8:45 a.m.

Join us for a morning of community engagement and volunteerism. Bring the Rollins College Mission into action. We ask that participants meet at 8:45 a.m. in front of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Transportation will be provided and we will depart campus by 9 a.m. and arrive back by 11:30 a.m. We will be partnering with Killarney Elementary School. Killarney Elementary is an elementary school located in Winter Park. The faculty and staff of Killarney joyfully serve 450 students in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade from diverse backgrounds. Killarney Elementary is a Title I school with 100% of students receiving free breakfast and lunch each day. Approximately, 100 students are classified as homeless with many of these homeless families living in local, extended stay hotels. Our partnership with Killarney has grown significantly over the last year, and we invite you to participate in supporting a few of their needs, including: 1) Painting their clinic, so that it provides a warm and friendly environment for children; 2) Creating kid-friendly mural; 3)  Overhauling the classroom libraries to appropriately categorize books for each child. A water bottle is recommended.
**Once you have signed-up to participate in this service event, you will be sent an email to complete an online trip waiver - please make sure that you sign the waiver prior to 5/24/2018. Also, please wear a Rollins t-shirt and sneakers for this event and bring your driver’s license with you for volunteer verification when we arrive at the school.**
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9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Sessions

Are You “LinkedIn” to the Rollins Mission?

Presenter: Tiffany Cheatham, Career & Life Planning
Location: Olin Library, Room 220

Here at Rollins, we all know that part of our mission is to educate students about responsible leadership, and to empower our graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers. As Rollins College staff, we serve as role models to students in a variety of ways, but how well does your online professional presence align? Whether you have never created a LinkedIn or you are a seasoned user, attend this session to gain insight on how to maximize your professional image and best showcase your career journey via LinkedIn. Also learn how to maximize your Rollins network of staff, students, and alumni, as well as how you can lead your students by example through LinkedIn.
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Container Gardening

Presenters: Ann Francis, Environmental Studies and Mary Edwards, Facilities
Location: Faculty Club

Did you know you can grow anything you want in a ‘container’?  You don’t have to build large above ground boxes or till a big piece of your yard to grow veggies, herbs and flowers. Learn how simple it is to grow in small quantities and what you can use as a container.
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Identity Theft Prevention

Presenter: Katie Bowman, Central Florida Educators’ Federal Credit Union
Location: Bush Science Center, Room 202

Join CFE Federal Credit Union in an interactive workshop designed to help identify ways to keep your information safe and steps to take if your identity is compromised. We will also review today’s scams, hacks, red flags, and the different types of identity theft that we see in financial institutions today.
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Saving and Budgeting, Investing 101

Presenter: Mark Hammonds, Transamerica
Location: Bush Science Center, Room 201

Provides a framework for how saving and budgeting are essential for a healthy financial future. Basic investing concepts will be covered as well as managing your retirement account online.
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10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Sessions

“I can’t see you, can you see me?” Making Video Conferences Work

Presenters: Travis Ray and Son Nguyen, Information Technology
Location: Olin Library, Room 225

Participants in this class will learn the ins and outs of Rollins’ video conferencing tool, WebEx. We will work with the scheduling and invitation features, practice making and receiving calls, and share common solutions. If you have never scheduled a video conference call or do it all the time come to this session for a group focused and interactive dive into Webex.
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Leaders Navigating Campus Climate

Presenters: Alice Davidson, Psychology, Jen Herr, Accessibility Services, Abby Hollern and Destinee Lott, Inclusion & Campus Involvement
Location: Cornell Campus Center, Bieberbach-Reed

What is campus climate and why does it matter? This interactive session will inform participants of the current attitudes, behaviors, and standards of students, staff, and faculty in relation to diversity and inclusion on campus. Participants will gain tools to consider their own opportunities to improve campus climate and various ways to get involved in this mission-driven area.
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Stretch and Breathe with Yoga and Meditation

Presenter: David Walsh
Location: Alfond Sports Center Dance Studio, Room 139

Class integrates the postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation to harmonize you on every level.
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