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Human Resources

Learning & Development

Developing our leaders is among one of the most important things Rollins can do for its employees.

In this rapidly changing environment, employees are constantly being called upon to learn new skills, to work in new and different ways and to change direction at a moment's notice. These qualities are necessary so that our employees can keep up with the new demands that will enable Rollins to continue to be successful and fulfill its mission.

The Human Resources Department is committed to helping the College's leaders better manage the performance of their employees and improve leadership effectiveness. Our goal is to encourage excellence and foster growth and development at all levels by empowering employees to be effective leaders and take meaningful action in support of the mission and service philosophy each and every day. We help employees gain the skills they need to stay current in their jobs and, if appropriate, to move on to other opportunities within the Rollins community. Since employees interact with students each day in every aspect of campus life, we aim to enrich the student experience by developing our employees and leaders through various professional development opportunities.