Human Resources

Notary Services at Rollins College

The Human Resources Department is pleased to offer the following directory as a resource to the campus community.

The individuals listed below are registered public notaries in the state of Florida and have agreed to have their names listed in this directory and to serve as a resource for notary services on Rollins campus. This service is available exclusively for current Rollins faculty, staff and students. If you need to have a document notarized, whether business or personal, please use this directory to locate a public notary on campus who will notarize at no charge. Other interested parties requiring notary services should inquire about any fees with the specific notary selected. Please note that as a provider of notary services, each individual on this list is acting under their own commission by the State of Florida and not as an agent of Rollins College. Any individual on this list reserves the right to refuse to notarize any document(s) for which they feel uncomfortable doing so. Rollins College assumes no liability for notary public services provided by individuals on this resource list.

Cory Baden

Cory Baden

Student Financial Aid

Rinker Building, Rm 215

T. 407.646.2264

Pam Clark

Crummer Graduate School

Crummer Hall, Rm 120

T. 407.646.2249

Kathie Currie

Kathie Currie

Treasurer's Office

422 West Fairbanks, Rm 305

T. 407.646.2117

Nereida Giraldo

Nereida Giraldo

Student Records Office

Carnegie Hall, 2nd Floor

T. 407.646.2149

Tiffany Griffin

Dean of the Faculty Office

Carnegie Hall, Rm 211

T. 407.646.2592

Meredith Hein

Meredith Hein

Leadership & Community Engagement

Mills Hall, Rm 319

T. 407.691.1021

Marguerite Jacobs

Marguerite Jacobs

Student Financial Aid

Rinker Building, Rm 124

T. 407.646.2395

Udeth Lugo

Institutional Research

Warren Building, Rm 104

T. 407.646.2573

Donata Nutter

Donata Nutter

Math & Computer Science

Bush Science Center, Rm 110

T. 407.646.2432

Karen Riegert

Facilities Management

Facilities & Services Building, 2nd Floor

T. 407.646.2153

Carrie Schulz

Information Technology

422 W. Fairbanks Ave, Rm 311

T. 407.975.6459

Janette Smith

Dean of the Faculty Office

Warren Hall, Rm 206

T. 407.646.2175

Susan Throm-White

Susan Throm-White

Department of Music

Keene Hall, Rm 153

T. 407.646.2233

Jenn Weisenburger

Jenn Weisenburger

Bursar's Office

Carnegie Hall, Rm 237

T. 407.646.2787

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