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Human Resources

New Volunteer Information

The following actions MUST be completed PRIOR to the start of your volunteer experience
  1. Please complete the following paperwork and email your completed paperwork to
  2. Volunteers are persons doing Rollins College work/activities under the direction and control of a Rollins College authorized official and are not being paid. Liability coverage is extended to volunteers acting at the direction of a Rollins College official and within the course and scope of their Rollins authorized activities. Volunteers of Rollins College are provided the same liability protection afforded employees. Volunteers acting within the course and scope of their Rollins authorized activities may be covered for their liability exposure as authorized volunteers of Rollins College.
  3. Rollins College volunteers are NOT covered by workers’ compensation insurance for injuries or illness resulting from their volunteer activities. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to obtain their own medical insurance before participating in this program.