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Human Resources

Making Changes

Generally, changes to your coverage are not permitted outside your initial new hire enrollment period or annual open enrollment. However, if you experience a qualifying status change you are given a 30 day window to make applicable changes to your benefits elections. Qualifying status changes include, but are not limited to:

  • marriage or divorce
  • birth, adoption, or death
  • beginning or ending of spouse employment
  • loss of other health coverage
  • change from full-time to part time employment for you or your spouse
  • change in coverage under other employer's cafeteria plan or qualified benefits plan

Should you experience a status change throughout the year, you must process benefit changes within thirty (30) days or you must wait until the next open enrollment period. Coverage changes made mid-year, including applicable premiums, will be effective on the date of the change in status (ie. loss or gain of coverage).

To make changes, you must do the following within thirty (30) calendar days of the status change:

Please contact Human Resources at 407-646-2102 for further information.