Medical and HRA

Learn more about the Rollins medical plan option as well as the college-funded health reimbursement account.

Health Plans

Medical coverage is offered through the Independent College and University Benefits Association (ICUBA). Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Florida administers the medical plan, processes claims, and provides the worldwide PPO network.

The health plan option is the Preferred PPO plan. See below for plan description and rates:

The Preferred Provider Plan (PPO) does not require primary care physicians or referrals to specialists, provides both in and out-of-network coverage, includes prescription coverage, and a college funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). 

OptumRx administers the pharmacy benefit for the medical plan. The pharmacy benefit is separate from the BCBS medical plan, but included in the medical premiums. A separate identification card is issued for pharmacy benefits.

Aetna administers the behavioral health/substance abuse benefit for the medical plan. The benefit includes unlimited outpatient visits at the primary physician copay. The plan also covers an unlimited number of days in an inpatient facility (deductible applies). For further information on network and benefits, visit and click on the single sign-on feature for Aetna. There is a separate card for Aetna Behavioral Health. 



Employees: Regular full time employees who are scheduled to work over 1,462 hours per year.

Eligible Dependents

  • Legal spouse
  • Dependent children through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26
  • Step chiildren, if providing support, through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26
  • Same or opposite gender partners See Policy for Domestic Partners
  • Children of domestic partner through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26

ICUBA Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)

HRAs were set up by the Federal government to allow employers to contribute to an account for their employees in conjunction with high deductible, consumer-directed health plans. These arrangements allow employers to provide funds on a monthly basis to employee accounts that pay for out of pocket costs medical expenses (health, dental, vision, etc.).

A college funded HRA account is included with all of the medical plans. The monies in the HRA can be used only by the employee and dependents covered on the ICUBA medical plans.

Members enrolled on a medical plan will receive an ICUBA Benefits MasterCard in addition to their Florida Blue and CatamaranRx identification cards. You can request additional debit cards for dependents through ICUBA. The MasterCard can be used as a credit card at most provider offices and pharmacies.

Most retail merchants use an inventory control system that separates eligible expenses from ineligible expenses at the point of purchase. Since your eligible expenses will be reported automatically, you will receive very few requests for receipts. If you shop at a retail merchant that is not using the required technology, you will have the option to make your purchase using another form of payment and file a claim for reimbursement online at or by fax or mail.

Even if you use the MasterCard to access funds, it is recommended that you keep all receipts and documentation in the event that substantiation is required for an expense. If substantiation is required, ICUBA will send you a letter or Email and you will have to provide the any applicable receipts and documentation.  

Monies accumulated in the HRA account may be used by the employee to pay for eligible medical expenses, such as: deductibles, out of pocket medical, dental, or vision expenses not reimbursed by insurance (coinsurance, copays, costs above annual limits), prescription drug copays, dental and orthodontia expense, lasik, eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aid costs, retiree or COBRA premiums, long term care premiums and any medical expense eligible under the plan document.

Ineligible expenses include: non-medical expenses, over the counter medications without a prescription, life and disability premiums, cosmetic or weight loss expenses, vitamins (unless prescription), nutritional supplements, non-retiree or non-COBRA medical plan premiums, dental or vision premiums or any medical expense incurred by an individual that is not covered on the ICUBA medical plan.

HRA balances roll over each year you are actively employed and enrolled in an ICUBA health plan. The rollover dollars are held in a secure trust and earn interest on a quarterly basis. These funds are never taxed for dependents as long as the rules regarding HRA funds are followed. These funds are portable with 36 months of continuous participation. They can never be converted to cash, but can be accessed beyond separation from employment for a monthly fee. If you drop the health plan, or leave employment, and do not have 36 months continuous participation, you forfeit the balance in the HRA account and access will end on your last day of coverage or employment. If you re-enroll during a later enrollment period, you start a new HRA account and a new 36 month vesting period.

For more information on this benefit, please login to your ICUBA Benefits site and visit the Reference Center to view the plan document.