The College provides benefits eligible employees who work at least 1,462 hours per year and eligible dependents the opportunity to elect dental coverage through Humana Dental Plans.

Plan Options

Through ICUBA, Rollins offers  three (3) different dental plan options: DHMO, Preventive Plus PPO Plan, and High Option PPO Plan

The DHMO allows in-network access only, while the two PPO plans allow in and out of network coverage. The college pays the premium for employee coverage under the DHMO plan. If you choose the DHMO you must select a primary dentist for each covered person prior to accessing services. You do not need to select a primary dentist on the PPO plans.



Regular full time employees who are scheduled to work over 1,462 hours per year.

Eligible Dependents

  • Legal spouse
  • Dependent children or step children through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26
  • Same or opposite gender partners See Policy for Domestic Partners
  • Children of domestic partner through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26