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Human Resources

Service Excellence Commitment

The Human Resources Department is committed to the mission and the service philosophy of Rollins College.

We understand that every member in the Rollins community impacts the success of our mission. We strive to embody the guiding principles through our service to the college as a responsive, respectful, collaborative, competent and inclusive department within the Rollins community.

Institutional Service Philosophy

Together, we inspire purposeful lives through distinctive, engaged learning and exceptional service.

Institutional Service Standards


  • Innovative, resourceful and timely
  • Approachable and open-minded
  • Solution-oriented
  • Personalized and caring
  • Balancing individual and institutional needs


  • Friendly, courteous and considerate
  • Exhibiting care and compassion when serving others
  • Valuing different ideas and perspectives
  • Treating others with dignity


  • Effective at communicating within and outside of our immediate work groups
  • Working together to accomplish departmental and institutional goals
  • Demonstrating teamwork across boundaries
  • Supporting others in what they do
  • Keeping our eye on the big picture


  • Thorough knowledge of job and institutional mission
  • Effective, efficient, and reliable performance
  • Proficient in meeting student and customer needs
  • Ability to align our efforts with departmental and institutional goals
  • Ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement


  • Valuing diverse identities of those we serve
  • Ensuring services are accessible, equitable, and inviting
  • Serving with cultural awareness, humility, and sensitivity
  • Eliminating barriers and biases that may produce disparate service outcomes