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The Rollins Honor Code

Rollins College is an educational environment dedicated to fostering intellectual achievement, personal development, and social responsibility. We believe that students achieve these objectives through their academics, yet the College recognizes that students learn just as much from their experiences outside of the classroom. Given this understanding, the College has developed The Rollins Honor Code, which aligns the Academic Honor Code and the Code of Community Standards.

About the Honor Code

The Rollins Honor Code was created to act as an overarching statement of honor, which speaks to the philosophy that “honor” is holistic in nature, embodying both academic and social responsibility. It is the hope that The Rollins Honor Code will inspire students to uphold and value honesty, trust, and respect in all aspects of their lives at Rollins College.

Although the Academic Honor Code and the Code of Community Standards both stem from the Rollins Honor Code, it is important to distinguish that they each have their own processes and are housed in different areas of the College. The Academic Honor code process is housed within the Office of the Dean of The College of Liberal Arts. The Code of Community Standards process is housed within the Office of Community Standards & Responsibility.

Academic Honor Code

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Code of Community Standards

Explore the interactive Rollins Code of Community Standards.
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