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Department of History

History Programs at Rollins

The history department offers a history major and minor. Explore the department's goals, requirements and expectations now.

History Major & Minor

Our innovative major focuses on acquiring the skills that foster both the study of history and successful careers on graduation. Our 100-level classes teach critical reading and document analysis, our 200-level classes explore research methodology and effective writing, and our 300-level classes bring together all of these skills. We also offer applied history courses that expose students to real-world situations through internships, field studies, or archival research. Finally, our capstone prepares students for their next life steps by encouraging them to reflect on what they have learned and articulate their knowledge, passions, and goals for a wide variety of audiences.

Our classes propel students on a wide-ranging adventure from classical Greece to the Vietnam War. Our faculty offer expertise in many geographic areas including Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We offer tightly focused courses that allow students to develop a high level of expertise within the course of one semester. Some of these are limited to a ten-year period and vary from Chile in the 1970s to World War I. Others focus on the history of a specific city, for example, Athens, Istanbul, and Lima. Our upper-division courses explore diverse topics from American sexuality to law and order in Medieval Europe, and the rise of Chairman Mao.

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