Hauck Research Center (Greenhouse)

"The Greenhouse" is conveniently located next to the Alfond Boathouse on the shores of beautiful Lake Virginia. It opened on October 20, 1983, to facilitate student and faculty research, provide plant material for study and to permanently house a diverse collection of plant species, some of which are indigenous to Florida. THE GREENHOUSE IS CLOSED DUE TO NEARBY CONSTRUCTION. For more information please call (407)646-2399. 

Hauck Research Center

The Greenhouse invites you to come and delight your sense of sight and smell.  It's always changing depending on the time of day or year! Come visit Rollins' best kept secret. Learn more

Colorful Blooming Display

As you walk into the greenhouse feast your eyes on an array of blooming plants. With so many colors and textures you will be amazed at the plant kingdom!


The greenhouse has many plants in order to fulfill lab requirements. Liverworts and other primitive plants help demonstrate the evolution of plants.

Hidden Treasures

Come explore the greenhouse because you never know what you will find around each corner!

Botanical Services

Rollins College's Greenhouse is on the move!

Rollins College Greenhouse

The Greenhouse will be relocated on the 3rd floor of the Bush Science Center to make way for the new lakeside residential student complex on Lake Virginia.  If everything goes as planned construction will begin mid-May 2019 with completion anticipated by October - November.