Hauck Research Center (Greenhouse)

Florida Native Plants

Florida is a long state with several temperature zones and many types of ecosystems, including swamps, hardwood hammocks, and scrubs. Additionally, it has a wide range of weather patterns from wet hot summers, to dry cool late winters and springs.  Native plants in Florida have evolved to withstand these conditions and thrive.  

Florida Anise

A very attractive plant, Illicium floridanum prefers moist soil in a shady area. In the spring you will be rewarded with star shaped purple-red flowers that are quite eye catching!

Partridge Pea

Florida has an abundance of easy to grow native wildflowers such as the Partridge Pea, Chamaecrista fasciculata. Not only will the flowers attract adult butterflies, but it’s a host plant to several species of butterflies that will lay their eggs on them.


A well known Florida native, Zamia pumila is an easy to grow plant because once established it will survive on seasonal rains making it a good choice for a low maintenance landscape.

Pink Muhly Grass

Nothing can beat a bed full of blooming Muhlenbergia capillaris.  The late summer early fall blooming grass will draw your attention particularly when the pinkish flower heads are shimmering in the sun's rays.

Once established native plants will need little water and fertilizer. These traits will help conserve dwindling resources and help preserve Florida's fragile ecosystem.