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Department of Global Languages & Cultures

Japanese Studies Program

Learn more about the Japanese Studies program, which offers courses in elementary and intermediate Japanese language study through the Hamilton Holt evening program as well as the opportunity to study abroad in Japan.

Japanese Program Details

Japan is one of the prosperous, leading industrialized countries with a GDP of $4.9 trillion in 2005 and will continue to be a major, influential country in the global world of economy, technology, scientific research, and politics. Japanese companies and organizations are well-known in the world as the most efficiently operated entities operated by the cutting-edge technologies. Through the well-established and long-running relationship with Japan, the United States exports billions of the GDP every year and many companies successfully invest and have branches in Japan.

Japan is also well-known as a country which preserves its rich cultural heritage of craftsmanship, traditional performing arts, architecture, literature, films and graphic designs. Recently, it also leads the world through modern popular culture among the young.

Whether one’s interest lies on gaining knowledge of Japan’s politics, economics, society, culture, finding employment, and sightseeing in Japan, learning the Japanese language opens the door to achieving and giving the deeper understanding in one’s goal. Opportunities are endless. But the most important long-term benefit of learning Japanese is that one can make lifelong friends and increase their opportunity to see Japan in a way most others cannot. In this global community we now live in, having the ability to speak Japanese not only provides an advantage in obtaining desirable employment in Japan-related fields, but exhibits that the student is intelligent, unique, and globally-conscious.

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures offers courses in elementary and intermediate Japanese language study through the Hamilton Holt Evening program (JPN 101, 102, 201).

Study Abroad: Kansai Gaidai University Semester Program